Janiela Johnson

Hey Foster’s, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I’ll explain that in another post. Today is a Guest Feature with Janiela Johnson!! Today is her 21st Birthday, so Happy Birthday to her!! She has been on my blog documemting her weightloss journey multiple times. This is her year and a half weightloss journey! She gives a voice to people who want to start a fitness journey from seeing her progress. She is a very talented, motivational, inspirational person, who uses her platform to reach and help other’s with their goals. She is living proof that it may be hard in the beginning, but you are rewarded when you see results. So lets get into these questions below.

1.) How does it feel to be on a year and a half weight loss journey? It feels amazing!!! I made a little changes and met new people! Along with that I inspired new people! People even came up to me and said that I inspire them! 

2.) When you compare older photos from when you first started your  journey to now what is your reaction to seeing the results? I’m honestly shocked that I even transformed! It’s unbelievable how I made it this far! 

3.) Are there days when you want to give up & if so what do you tell  yourself to keep going? Yes absolutely!! Sometimes I get discouraged, but I look back at my pictures and I’m like woah😱

4.) What are some struggles you encounter during your journey? Trying to stay on a consistent routine! One thing I know is that I get my work done.

5.) What made you start doing this weightloss journey?  My health was bad at a young age and I was a size 26 and 4X in tops!

6.) How does it feel when guy’s are starting to pop up in your inbox trying to get at you because they see you’re losing the weight? Its crazy and it sometimes makes me upset because why weren’t they in my inbox when I was overweight? I’m the same person! 

7.) How does it feel being a motivator for other people trying to lose weight, and are asking you for advice? Its an amazing feeling because they are looking up to me!!! And I always give advice because I know how it feels not knowing where to start! 

8.) In our last blog post & video together you where addament about using Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet. Do you still use it in your diet & if so how does it make you feel? I don’t use it as much, I use it here and there and it still works!!!! I normally drink it before bed!! 

9.) What are some new foods and snacks have you added to your diet? I now eat dinners by Weight Watchers and they are amazing!!!!! 

10.) What are some foods that you use to eat alot before your journey that you hardly eat now? SWEETS!!! I barely have time for them and I don’t drink sodas, maybe one on my cheat day! 

11.) What do you eat on your cheat day? eat whatever I been craving all week long❤️ fast food, ground beef, fried foods, etc and sodas! 

12.) How does it feel to have people look up to you? it feels like I’m actually achieving something because they see me transforming and that what I want people to see that anything is possible! 

13.) How is it being the president of the student advisory board at the college you attend? (Chattanooga Collge)Its an honor because I just been at the school for a couple of months! I will be switching to nights so I won’t be on there but I will have credits and be recognized!!!! 

14.) What do you study in college? Right now I am studying to me a Medical Assistant! Then I will be back in school to be an LPN!!!! Once I work as a LPN I will go back to be a RN! 

15.) How is it working as a CNA? Yes I was working as a CNA and now I’m working as a Receptionist at a doctors office.

16.) I see that you’re very active in church. How does God play in everything positive you have going for you in your life? God provides my guidance and without god I wouldn’t make it this far! 

17.) Are there any changes from our last blog together do you do differently or added into your routine. I eat in portions now! I know when I’m full and I don’t over board with eating! 

18.) Give some words of advice for some people who are on a weight loss journey or any journey they’re going through? IF I CAN DO IT THEN YOU CAN AS WELL!!! I been a big girl all my life and I never thought I would losing this weight! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Foster’s, anything is possible once you put your mind to it. From previous blog post you can see the results and the hard work Janiela does in her journey. Your not going to see results over night, but over time. During this year and a half of her journey I’ve seen her loose a lot of weight and transform herself. I see her  become more confident in who she is as a person. Shw is not done with her journey, but she is so beatiful inside & out she shouldn’t give up trying to be a model. The fashion world is changing and ahe would be perfect as a model, the picture’s speak for themselves  CONFIDENT.

  hope you enjoyed this blog post and wish Janiela a Happy 21st Birthday!!!! 

Love, Dazhane Fisher 


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