How To Find Your Style

Hello Foster’s today I went extremely out of my comfort zone!! I got tired of people not really being able to hear my voice and not knowing what I sound like, so I was like let me talk in one of my video’s for once. I f you know me I’m a very shy person and it takes me awhile to open up, so this was nerve racking to me. How can I be so nervous talking in front of  a camera, by myself, in my room?? It’s just that I’m a very shy person. I was so hesitant on posting the video because I didn’t like it, but I’m not perfect and I’ll learn eventually to talk in front of a camera! Feel free to watch the video above!


Today I’m going to be talking about how to find your own personal style. I think that social media has a big part of all of us looking the same, and there’s not much diversity in styles. There is a difference between fashion and style. Fashion is basically what is trending right now on the runways. For example the  off the shoulder or old shoulder is trending right now and has been for awhile. You see it everywhere. Every time I go down my Instagram feed I see it everywhere  on a lot of fashion bloggers. Don’t get me wrong I love the trend, but it doesn’t rally make it unique when every fashion blogger on the planet is wearing it, myself included. Style is when you can stand out from other people and make the clothing your own. You wear it n a distinctive way. Style is  a representation of who you are through your clothing. Your clothing is and is telling people who you are without you actually speaking. Style is another form of expression.

Let Your Style Icon Be Someone Who Isn’t A Celebrity

The reason I say don’t let you style icon a  celebrity is because I feel you can get more inspiration from someone when you have an actual connection. I don’t talk to these other on bloggers all the time, but when I do it feels genuine. I can read their content and I actually feel a connection. I see how they’re not going with what trending and they’re doing their own thing. I make those people my style icons because  I like how original they are. I’ll see how they style certain items and get a new perspective on how to style. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a celebrity as a style icon, but you can’t actually talk to them to find that connection. With some of the blogger’s I talk to them,read their content, and add some of the things in their wardrobe into mine. Just find some one who is that inspiration, a friend, mom, aunt, dad, brother, etc.

Be Comfortable

With any and everything comfort is key. When you leave the house make sure you’re not self conscious abut what you’re wearing. It’s kind of like, wearing a pair of heels that you know are uncomfortable, but they go with your outfit, so you’re going to wear them anyway. Know not here your comfort level is. My style is casual, with a little bit of sex appeal. I love to show skin and that’s my  personal style, but when I want to be classy I can be classy. For example, about two weeks ago I wore this lace body suit, which is beautiful, but showed way too much boob. Showing skin is my style, but it’s to show off my legs and tummy area. It was a cut bodysuit, but the way it was made it wouldn’t have looked right with a bra at all. Even though it was small, for some reason it fit like a medium. Also, since I wasn’t wearing a bra, I wasn’t able to wear a push up bra to fill out the top. So I was out in the mall covering my boobs the entire time because I was not comfortable showing all of that. Yes, I may have looked cute, but I was not comfortable that day. So just make sure you are comfortable when you walk out of the house.

Don’t Be Frightned By Other Fashion/Style Bloggers

It is very easy to look at other fashion/ style bloggers and compare yourself to them. They’re able to wear some pretty pricy stuff. You don’t need to have pricy clothing to be stylish. On day we can work ourselves up to be able to buy the finer things, but stick to a budget. I’m a shopaholic and it’s very easy for m just to spend away. I’m not a person who has a lot of money, my dad is my piggy bank lol. I ball on a budget and that’s ok because I can show even though my clothes didn’t cost that much, you couldn’t tell by the way I style them. Don’t get drawn in by what you’re seeing other people wear and say  “I have to have it because they’re wearing it.” Just be you, at the end of the day no one is going to know how much, or where you got your clothes from unless you tell them. Don’t try and keep up with everyone else, just be yourself.

Have  Fun


Style is all about having fun and be unique. We all have our own little perks when it comes to what we wear. A good place to see people’s style is probably at a mall or an amusement park. I feel I see everyone’s creativity when it comes to there outfits. I like seeing people who are my age, but have more of a classier way of dressing then I do. I like seeing the girls with bright hair and colorful outfits. It looks quirky and weird, but the more you look at their outfit you actually learn to love it. That’s being unique, fun, and being  yourself, which is what this blog is all about. Just have fun when creating your outfit.

Be Confident


Confidence is basically the key to everything you want to achieve in life. When you go out of your house, you should have the confidence that you look good. Don’t worry about what other people are going to think. Sometimes you go somewhere like a grocery store and you just feel like being dolled up from head to toe.  And that’s ok as long as you like it, that’s all that matters. When you walk out your house you should walk out like a boss and know that you look good. If you don’t feel or look confident then no one else will. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I hope I gave some helpful tips in my own way. Let me know in the comments. I hope you have a great weekend. Also approach & own your style!


6 thoughts on “How To Find Your Style

  1. Dazhane,
    I adore this post and I can literally see you becoming less shy each time you post. I am proud of you. Love the tall pink sandals, I agree, I too, am getting a bit sick of the off the shoulder trend, unless it is combined with something fabulous- like you!
    I also love the shot of you where the light has cast a pink shadow over your hair , sigh, you are such a beauty!
    Fabulous Job!
    xx, Elle

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Elle!! I was so nervous at times speaking, but I had to get through it. I love off the she shoulder dresses and shirts, but it’s everywhere. I’m glad you liked this blog post!!!


    1. The more you keep blogging, the more comfortable you’ll start feeling. It can be nerve wracking putting yourself out there for people to see. Glad you felt empowered & encouraged throughout this post! Keep up the good work on your blog!!! ❤💋


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