The Cami Little Black Dress

Hello Foster’s, by now you probably know that I wear black on a regular basis. It’s on of my favorite colors, hopefully one day I’ll get out of it. Today’s  blog post consist of this simple cami little black dress. You’re going to see how I took a simple dress and added some character by minimal styling. Make sure you watch the video above to see the outfit upfront and of course my little sassiness in it. A little black dress is so versatile, it can be dresses up or down no mater what the style is. It’s also very flattering in my opinion on all body types. If you don’t own a little black dress I suggest you go and pick one up.

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress.

-Karl Largerfeld


Because my dress is very simple I wanted to spice it up. Now that the sun is all in our eyes I finally decided to bring up some sunnies. I love these gold framed sunglasses I feel like their more to make a fashion statement at times. They don’t really go with any of my outfits, but it did with this one. I feel like I look very chic and like of course a diva. Another thing to add some character to this dress was a choker, sadly you can’t really see it in the pictures, but it shows in the video. Adding a chocker to an outfit at times can take an outfit to a whole other level. A chocker is such a simple accessory at time to just make a statement. Adding these accessories kind of added a little something extra to the dress.


One of the biggest things people call me is a shopaholic, and they’re not necessarily wrong. I feel like if you like to shop a lot then you know how much you can and cannot spend. If I never tell you how my clothes cost then you would never know. I got this dress I’m wearing I got for $3.99!!! There was know way I could pass that up. I’ve seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian wearing a dress like this and it cost either $100 or $40 cost range. I’ve seen this dress in a clothing store online that I visit often and it’s around $40. Sometimes you have to shop around to get a better price. I got this dress from Fallas Paredes. This is a cute dress for running errands or going out for a quick snack. Another thing your clothing doesn’t have to be expensive to look great, it’s how you accessorize it. Also show thee confidence like I am in the pictures. I look good lol!!!



Now onto the shoes I didn’t want to make this a sporty look so I didn’t wear sneakers. You could’ve easily kept this sporty because the dress gives off sporty and casual vibes. I decided to wear these open toe booties. These also add some spice because of the chains that run along the outside of the boot. It’s still cute and causal since it’s more of a short block heel. Another thing about these is that theses really don’t hurt. Nothing is better then wearing heels and your feet aren’t hurting, but fashion is pain at times.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post Foster’s. Summer is fastly approaching, are you excited or not? I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of styling a little black dress. Another thing is that it doesn’t always have to cost a lot to look chic and fashionable. Have a great weekend!!



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