Floral on Floral

Happy Memorial Day, Foster’s!!! I know some of us are happy for the 3 day weekend and from what I’ve seen on social media some got turnt up. I hope you enjoy this Monday and also this blog post! 

One thing I’ve noticed a lot of ladies wearing lately is anything with floral print. From shirts, jeans, pants, skirts, and shoes. Pretty much floral print is everywhere. I’m not a huge fan of floral print I hardly wear it, but I did today. I’m kind of wearing it in a subtle way then what I’ve been seeing worn. Let me know if you’re into floral prints, now let’s get into the outfit!

This top was given to me by a friend and I live it. One of the things I like about it is that the way it’s structured in the bust area I don’t need to wear a bra. The girls sit up on their own, not like I really have much going on up there lol. I like how it’s not my typical pull over and how it buttons up in the center. I feel like it’s giving me bustier type of vibe, it’s giving me that hint of sexy. Even though there is floral print all over the top it’s so subtle and not in your face which is something I like.

One of the reason why it’s great that the top was so subtle is because of the lace Floral embroidery on my jean shorts. They compliment each other without being too in your face. These shorts are super cute, but as you can probably see in the video they’re a bit cheeky, so I have to mindful of that. I never buy clothing from Wal-Mart, but these are pretty great.

My shoes are not converse, but they sure can pass for them. Because I’m such a shopaholic at times it’s really nice for me to know how to get my money’s worth. I was at the swat meet and there is this place that sales shoes. They’re like buy 3 pairs of shoes for $25!!! That’s way too good of a deal to pass up, so I ended up getting a few pairs. They may not be the real ones, but what a bargain. Plus these get me away from my high tops for awhile. 

I look like a little creeper in this photo lol. I actually decided to do my makeup and get into some lip color. I’ve only been filling in my brows and my everyday neutral lipgloss I wanted to get a little glamed up. I’m low key getting better at my makeup maybe I’ll start making those videos again.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post Foster’s. Hope you have a nice holiday and week. Stay safe and also stay glamourous!!


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