Getting Into Spring

Hello Foster’s, how’s spring treating you? Spring is such a beautiful season to be in because I feel like you can do a lot more things and be flexible. Or that could just go for me, because I rather go out and do things when the weather is warm instead of cold. Today’s outfit is pretty basic. I didn’t accessorize it at all. Watch the video above to see my outfit in detail. I got a new video editor and let’s just say I’m not use to it so it’s a little choppy.

I wasn’t going to leave my house this day, but it was too beautiful out to miss it. Another thing is that for some reason I  was craving nachos. Me and my dad ended up going out, sometimes it’s hard for me and my dad just talk without us being busy. We ended up having a good time. So my outfit was last minute and I got dressed pretty quickly. There’s not much detailing going on in this dress, it’s a nice blueish grey, rib knit dress. I really love that I’m able to maintain some kind of cuteness with such a casual outfit.

The flip flops are from Charlotte Russe. These are a nice baby blue color. To be honest I don’t really love the color blue, but it seems to suit me very nice. I know that during the spring and summer seasons flips flops are very inexpensive, so if you’re ever in there you should take advantage of the prices.


During school a lot of the girls in my Child Development class that I talk to were telling me how I don’t need to wear makeup. I was at a point where I was starting to wear it everyday, but I don’t anymore. Especially during the school weak I don’t wear t because I don’t feel the need to. In this picture I only filled in my eyebrows and put on some lip gloss. Even though I don’t have a full face on I feel comfortable in my own skin to walkout my house and not feel ugly. This picture shows I that don’t need to cover up with foundation. This picture shows how beautiful my skin is an Beauty can mean so many things and I’m happy for some of my friends helping me see that. Hopefully soon I can start this beauty project  eventually.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post Foster’s. I hope that you have a great weekend. Let me know what you think i9n the comment section.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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