Fall In Spring

Hello Fosters,  It’s been a month since you’ve seen an outfit from me. Sometimes things just happen in life were you don’t feel motivated to do anything. That was me for the past month and I think I’m ready to come back into the swing of things. Anyways, it’s spring and so far I’m kind of loving it. Spring is the type of season where you’Hre not exactly going to know if it’s going to be cold or windy that day. Currently where I live the weather has been all over the place. It’s been windy and cold to just being scorching hot.  On this particular day the weather was windy and also kind of hot, so my outfit seemed geared to the fall season, hence ” Fall In Spring.” Watch the video above to see the outfit in detail.


Starting with this over sized, dress shirt. This shirt is from my dad. When he was ironing it he was like ” I can’t believe you took over my shirt.” I promise you I don’t have a habit of taking my dads clothes and not giving them back, I just love this shirt. One of the reasons I love this shirt is that it’s kind of old and vintage looking. Another reason I love this shirt is that it’s baggy. It’s not my typical form fitting shirts. This shirt is not constricting to my body. Even though it’s baggy it still makes my body look great. Sometimes its nice for me to get away from the revealing outfits and  be covered up.


I would consider my pants leggings because they feel like the same material as them. These leggings actually came from a two piece set. Even though the outfit was a small the bottoms were loose, so I wear the top with some other pants. I guess I’ve been gaining some weight because I can fit them not. They’re a little baggy in some areas, but overall they fit good. Not going to lie out of all the black pair of leggings I have these probably my best looking ones.


Onto the booties… I have a love hate relationship with these. I probably only worn these about three times. I just wanted to wear any kind of heel this particular day. I felt like the shirt was already big enough and might make me look shorter then I already am, so why not add some heels. One of the main reason I don’t really care for these boots is because they make my feet look huge and my legs super skinny. They are actually bigger then the size I normally wear. But regardless I think they compliment the outfit very well.


I could be wrong, but I feel like mini backpacks are trending. I’ve seen a couple of celebrities rocking them. I think that they’re such a cute accessory to have other than a handbag or purse. I love my mini backpack because it’s so simple, but stylish at the same . I like the simple casual look while making a statement. This bag was only $13!


I hope you enjoyed this blog post Foster’s. I know it’s been a while, but hopefully I can start putting out more content on the regular. Leave a comment down below on your thought. Also I hope everyone has a great week.


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