Janiela Johnson: 1 Year Anniversary Fit ness Journey

Hello Foster’s, today I’m back with another Guest Feature. Janiela Johnson is back on my blog for the fourth time! Last time she was in here she was talking about her weight loss journey,  it was half a year. On April first it was her One Year Fitness Journey Anniversary. Make sure you watch the video above to see some things I didn’t ask her in the the questions below.
One thing I can say about Janiela is that she takes my saying and brings it to light ” This is not just my journey this is our journey.” By being a guest on this blog and giving us personal insight on her weightloss journey is amazing. It’s so amazing to see how close we’ve become because of this blogging experience and having her on my platform, but she’s also become a friend. She’s my best friend from afar. She makes my blog something I’m proud of. She’s goal oriented, motivation and everything in between. We actually have a lot in common! I want to give a special shout out to her cousin Morgan Turner for helping Janiela in this journey. We all need positivity when going in a personal journey. It’s nice for her to have a mentor especially a family memenee to be that motivation and to keep you going, so shout out to her.

1.) Go into detail on how you feel about your 1st year of your weight loss journey? ” I felt brace and confident during my worst year of my weightloss! Honesty it was an learning experience and I enjoyed it! I will be taking on another year of weight loss!”

2.) What we’re some of the things that kept you motivated to keep pushing through to keep going on this journey? “The main thing that kept me motivated was watching other people’s weightloss journeys and seeing their transformation!”

3.) When in self doubt, what do you do to make you stop doubting yourself and say ” I got this”? ” When I doubt myself I usually visualize what I will look like at my end results, or I will look in the mirror and say to myself ” I got this.”

4.) From the last time you were on my blog what are something you added into your workout routine? ” One thing I added to my workout routine is more cardio! I do more cardio using Shaun T Hip Hop Abs and cardio Routines  by Jessica Smith”

5.) What is your favorite exercise do you love to do and why? ” I love to do cardio on a treadmill the most because it works your overall body! You can feel it in you legs, waist, and upper body!” 

6.) What is an exercise you don’t like to do, but do it anyways? ” I don’t like doing push ups, but I have to do it!”

7.) What are some of the things you eat on your cheat day? “The things I eat in cheat day is your everyday foods! ( Fried food,  burgers, hot dogs, soul food, etc….)”

8.) What are some of the meals you eat since you’ve started this journey? ” The meals I eat daily consists of fish, chicken, or turkey with veggies. Sometimes I use ground turkey to make a turkey burger and have sweet poatatoe fries on the side. Now I do use ground turkey to make spaghetti with brown/ wheat noodles! If I’m lazy to fix anything I normally have dinners by Weight Watchers called Smart Ones! Throughout the day I drink meal replacement shakes by Slim Fast!”

9.) What are some of the snacks you like to eat.? “The snacks I like to eat is almonds, mixed nuts, Slim Fast BBQ chips, fruit, and veggies. My  favorite is sweet potatoe chips!!!” 

10.) What do you like about going through this weight loss journey? ” One thing I like about going through this journey is seeing the progress I made!!!”

11.) How does it make you feel to see the results of losing weight? ” It makes me feel more confident in my body as I see the results of me losing weight!”

12.) How does it feel when you see a lot of your clothes starting to fall off of you? “It makes me feel proud when I see a lot of my clothes start to come off!”

13.) What are some of the things people tell you when you’re motivating them to try and get on their own weight loss journey? ” I have a lot of people say that they are proud of me or that they wish that they are as motivated as me! So I always build them up and tell them that if I can do it then you can to! Now I have always been a big girl! I never seen myself making it this far’ I pray every night about this journey, and with Gods help, He got me this far! I normally would tempt a weight loss journey, but end up quitting! Now that I have of supporters and my mentor by my side I don’t give up!”

14.) How does it feel seeing your own journey motivating other people? ” I didn’t think I would motivate so many people, but I did! Seeing this happen gives me faith to keep pushing! It makes me feel so proud that I’m changing people’s mindsets!”

15.) What are some things you want to say to people who want to start a weight loss journey, but are nervous or scared? ” Never  feel scared to feel better! Anything is possible and believe me is I can do it, then you can to! Just keep going and the weight will come off. Along with that your health will improve because mine did!!! Just know you got this!”

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Thanks for reading this blog post with Janiela. I hope this blog post inspires other people to go on any personal journey they want to do. Thanks to Janiela for being on my blog. Check out some of Janiela’s other blog post on her in Guest Feature Tab!

Love,Dazhane Fisher


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