Casual Overalls

Happy first day of spring Foster’s! Outside of summer this is my favorite type of season. I have to say it wasn’t really that cold this winter here where I live. That last weeek has been in the 80’s almost 90’s, so it’s been pretty hot. Let me know what’s your favorite weather season!!!! Now let’s get into my basic outfit attire lol. Watch the video above to see the outfit up close.

I’ve had this strip crop top for some years now. It was actually the first crop top I ever brought. I felt like it compliements the overalls and gives farmer vibes a little bit. I’m not one of those people who wear horizontal strips. I feel like they make me look boxier up top, but this top makes my frame look small.

When I was younger I didn’t like wearing overalls. I felt like I was the only one wearing them, but O kind of like them now. One of the reasons I love these overalls is that they’re not tight. I have a lot of room in them. I don’t always need to have such constricting pants on. If these weren’t overalls I’m pretty sure pants would’ve feel off. The reason I cuffed up the bottoms is because it didn’t look right at the bottom with my shoes. I know it looks a little funny cuffed liked that, but I felt cute and that’s all that matters.

To keep the casual vibe going I have my converse as always. They’re so go to shoes, but now that it’s gett warming I’ll be wearing more sandals and flip flops.

I hope you enjoyed this short little blog post. Let me know what’s you favorite weather season! Have a great week Foster’s and enjoy spring!

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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