Transition Day to Night Using AUrate New York Jewelry 

Hello Foster’s, today’s blog post is a collaboration with AUrate  New York is a company that creates real gold jewelry in New York for the everyday woman. They’re about empowerment and today I’m going to be showing you some outfits I created using their jewelry from the Gold Necklace Collection. Some woman out there including me don’t know if we can be stylish and chic by wearing a simple outfit. So here are some outfits I created from their collection transitioning from the day time to night time.
1.) Reverse Radience

How are we going to make this necklace stand out and make it shine with the outfit. This halter, deep plunging white bodysuit is going to be a nice contrast to make this necklace stand out. The bodysuit is already a show stopper, so the necklace is going to look lovely laying there in between the plunging neckline. Then we’re going to add this light pink blazer paired with some patched boyfriend jeans. This is giving you comfy vibes. Heels always make women feel more confident within themselves so these blocked pink laces up heels give you that boost of confidence and I’m sexy. This is a cute outfit during the daytime cute, casual, and comfy.

How we’re going to transition this necklace for night time is by keeping it casually sexy. This white bell sleeve blouse is a njce contrast for this necklace to lay on. White is such a pure color and always makes a person look sophisticated. This neclace is just going to pop out  and give you something to look out. We paired this outfit with leather pants that are going to hug you in the right places. Also with these laced up, open toe, fringed booties. This is a perfect outfit that isn’t to much for a girls night out. It screams I’m chic without being to bold or in your face.

Reverse Radiance Necklace 

2.) Black Stones Choker

The choker is one of the biggest fashion trend this past season and I don’t think it’ll go out for awhile. This is a unique looking choker because of the gal from one stone to another. To show this choker I don’t want to make my shoulder and neck busy, so we have this off the shoulder crop top. This crop top is already going to make your exposed skin look great which is going to make the choker stand out. Then some black distressed skinny jeans paired with these lace up velvet booties. This is one of those outfits where you’re chic and casual all in one.

How would we wear this choker at night time would make the outfit of a more nuetral color to make the choker pop out. We have this khaki wrap midi dress with a slit which is going to make you’re body look so great. Paired with the dress we have the beige thress strapped heels with a sequin rose gold clutch. Everything is neutral and subtle that this choker is going to stand out on your neck by the black stones in it. Just that little hint of black is going to add a little edge to your outfit. This is a cute outfit for date night with your significant other.

Black Stones Choker

3.) Diamond Bar Pendant

For this day time look using the Diamond Bar Pendant we’re going to go with a casual, sporty look. With this neclace we’re going to have it going against this nice, lavender, v neck crop top. It’ll be nice for this gold neclace to lie against such a soft color. Then we have the all white affair with the white shorts, wallet, and shoes. This is cute for the day time for when you’re just running errands, or going to a event where you have to watch your kids or sibling play in a sport. Simple, casul, cute!

Here is another date night type of look. Going with this completely bold in your face type of outfit.  To make this neclace be the show stopper I contrasted it with an all black outfit to make the gold stick out. With all that black you need tl have a hint of color added into the mixed. So we have this longsleeve, v neck romper. The v isn’t that deep plunging, but its still going to make yhe neclace stand out and make it noticeable. We have this leather hight heeled bootues with faux fur. To add a little bit more gold into this all black look we have this black clutch with a stripe of gold. This outfit screams sexy all throughout. Let the world knkw what you’re working with.

Diamond Bar Pendant 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post Foster’s. I hope I explained the vision correctly using AUrate New York jewelry  from the Gold Necklace Collection. If you’re interested in buying any of the pieces click the links through out the blog post. These are made from real gold, so the pricing is expensive. I want to thank AUrate New York for letting me collab with them. This is not a sponsered post and all of the opinions are my own. Share some of your fashion inspirations. Have a great week Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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