The Basics

Hello Foster’s today’s look is my casual everyday outfit. Being a collge student there are times where I don’t want to try and think about what I’m going to wear a get dolled up. I’m a morning person I’m always up early, but just because I know I have to go to school I get a lazy feeling and stay in bed a little bit longer. I’m pretty sure we all do it lol. With this outfit I actually tried and I didn’t look like I put random clothes together. Just because I’m a fashion blogger doesn’t mean I’m fashionable 100% of the time because I’m  not! So let’s get into this outfit. Watch the video above to se the outfit in detail.

Starting from the bottom and working our way down we have my  got to baseball or dad hat. I grab this hat when my face is looking super tired and I look like crap. For this case I thought it would look great with this outfit. I have in very light ane neutral makeup. I don’t feel the need to get bold when I’m just going to class. I’m not much of a jewelry person so as the usual I have my signature everyday hoops and a stud in my ears. And my newest piercing edition my nose ring. Just to let you know on a everyday basis my hat is my go to.

The weather is playing with my emotions let me tell you. One day it wants to be hot, the next it’s cold. It’s been playing like this for the past couple of days. Since it’s starting to feel like spring I put on this white rib knit tank top type shirt. White is such a pure color and it just agreed with the weather. It’s like the weather felt so freashI needed to wear a shirt that agreed with mood. I have no idea of that maked sense to you, but I’m lowkey kinda weird like that. I wore this shirt just incase it got hotter throughout the day and I could take my jacket of a be chill.

My other go to, to grab is this leight weight bomber jacket. It doesn’t necessarily go with the outfit, but like I said it’s my go to. It’s one of those jackets that you always grab no mayyer what the outfit is. Not gna lie I don’t have many leight weight jackets. Most of my jackets are winter coats or jackets. Bit this jacket does its job and I hist wanted to wear it with this outfit.

My jeans are these distressed white washed jeans. I didn’t like these jeans that much because I feel like they fit awkward on me. I like how even though the don’t fit like I would like them to I like the baggy affect. As you already know I would like to have a little bit make curves and these pants don’t really do that for me. But these pants give the nice causal vibe going which I love and makes the outfit look ok. I paired these with  nice knock of yeezy type shoes. These shoes are comfy to wear especially when walking around on a college campus.

I hope that you enjoy this blog post. Let me know what’s your go to clothing items you always grab and your basic outfit attire. Watch the video above for more detail. Have a great weekend Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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