Blacks and Olives


It’s finally starting to feel like winter where I live. Hence I’m not showing any skin lol. I absolutely can not stand the cold. So today I’m showing you my cute outfit all covered up. You can still look sexy all covered up. Watch the video above to see more in detail. I know I look very bright and ghastly it’s because my dad filmed on the wrong setting lol. So bear with me I hope you liked this outfit.

This Jacket looks really nice and I only got it for $10 at Fallas Paredes. Your girl know how to shop on a budget lol. This coat is kind of like a statemt coat which I mentioned in my Winter Essentials Blog Post. This is just a simple black pea coat, but it always makes a statement. It makes me look really nice and put together with such a casual out. Another thing is that it keeps me really warm so that’s always a plus. It’s not an outfit just for looks it helps to keep warm during the winter season. 

I don’t know how many times I can express my love for turtle neck a without you getting sick of me saying that every time I wear them. They’re my absolute favorites during the winter. I feel like they give you a sophisticated look to any outfit whether it be casual or formal. In my case I feel like it made me look really nice and didn’t make a casual outfit look like any old casual outfit. By the way this is my favorite turtle neck I wear it all the time. 

These pants are literally everything. I don’t normally wear jeans that aren’t the typical jean colors, but these are too comfortable. The are more like jeggings so the material is very soft. These are high waisted which I love because the make me look like I have curves. The pants make you body have so much more shape which you can see in the video. I like that they give me shape because I have a pretty flat body, not much going on. 

My boots are your typical boots that stop right abouve the knee. These don’t have a heel to the to give me any inches in height, but they’re still cute. These boots keep the casual vibe going on that I like to achieve.

I hope that you loved this short little blog post. Leave a comment letting me know what you think. Have a great weekend Fosters!!!

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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