How to be Fashionable when Depressed

Hello Foster’s today I’m actually going to come out and get a little personal. On my Instagram I posted a picture on having my followers  give me blog ideas to write about. One of the comments which was from Christina whom I’ve been getting to know gave me this idea on what are some tips  on how to get ready when you’re depressed. I’m actually glad she gave me this idea because I haven’t and  really gotten up and personal and given some advice. So lets get into this Foster’s!

When you’re on my Instagram what do you see? You see a girl well put  together with a smile on her face. On the other hand this isn’t always the case some of you don’t know because I hide it very well, but I’m severely depressed a lot of the time. I don’t want to get up and get ready I want to stay in my room. How do I get out of my room when I’m feeling down and want to lay in my bed all day? I feel like one thing is you need to have someone around you that you trust, that you don’t mind telling I’m depressed and out of it. That person for me is my dad. Normally he can just tell from the tone of my voice. One of the things he tells me is ” Okay get ready we’re going out.” I’ll put up a big fuss I don’t want to go, I don’t want to be around anyone, I do’t want to get ready. Eventually he’ll talk me into leaving the house and getting out of my room.

One of the things I feels like helps is just hopping into a hot shower and bringing your speaker into the shower with you. Listen to some music and just stay in the shower how long as you want to. One of the things I do which is something I think a lot of people do I could be wrong is listen to music that’s matching our mood. I’ll listen to some sad R&B music, but i suggest to listen to something on a happier level.  Sometimes just letting the hot water run down your body can be so calming and relaxing. Sometimes I feel so refreshed like its washing the negative mood off of me and giving me a new mindset. This doesn’t always help, but it helps at times. When I get out of the shower I get dressed in my room for some reason I mess around and dance before trying to get ready. But once the shower is off don’t turn you’re music off keep it playing.

One thing that helps me fake it till I make it that I have to change my mindset a little bit. I give myself a pep talk saying that everything will be ok. That I can get over it, that I can get through this day. And believe it or not if you put on clothes  that scream  I really don’t give a crap I’m not feeling today I think that’s how you’re going to feel throughout the day. You don’t have to put together an outfit that’s going to turn heads, but you can put together a cute outfit that’s going to look like you weren’t depressed at all. Let me tell you I’m the queen of that. A lot of people can’t tell that I’m depressed because half the time because I’m well put together. Another thing is that people who see you all the time know how you dress and see that you never walk out the house in sweats. There was one time I was completely out of it just gone, nothing was helping me that day. I dressed  in some sweats, baggy  shirt, and hardy combed my hair. A close family friend was like “whoa what’s going on”. I told her I was just out of it and extremely depressed. She said ” girl I never see you ever come out the house like that. Don’t do that again”. I’ve must’ve been looking hella  shitty that day lol. No matter how you feel you should try and get dressed. You don’t have to go out and be the fashion diva that you always are, but you can still go out and be fashionable I’m something simple.

I know this blog post is a little choppy for reasons that I never talk about my depression. So it was a little hard to write this out in a way. I’ll go into detail in another blog post about my depression, but it’s something I never talk about to anyone I just hold it in. I hope that you liked this blog post and that it helped out a little bit. Just remember sometimes you’re just going to have to change your mindset a little bit so you can pick a cute, simple, fashionable outfit. It can be hard depending on how depressed you are because I truly understand. Sometimes you have to fake it that day and pull through. Have a great weekend Fosters.

Love, Dazhane Fisher





4 thoughts on “How to be Fashionable when Depressed

  1. I am sorry you feel low. I love you idea of listening to music in the shower! You have good support at home. I am glad. Remember Insta photos are us at our best, no one is always at their best!
    I like to listen to upbeat music and dance when I feel down!
    I hope you feel better, get some sunlight and take vitamin D!
    xx, Elle

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    1. I have good and bad days, but I can’t let that keep me down. Music is one of those things that can just lift your spirits at times. One of the things that really helps is when there’s a sunny day it just makes me feel so good. I’m not gloomy like on one of those grey and cloudy days. Thanks for reading Elle!!!


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