My Desert Photooshot Outfit 

Hey Foster’s today’s video to my outfit is a little bit different. A lot of things weren’t going on, but I had my photographer shooting pictures of me and my dad filming me so that I could post since I haven’t done that in awhile. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like attention or people staring at me, so I was low key goofy and didn’t know exactly what to do lol. If some of you don’t know I do live in the desert so that is basically the only scenery that I have. If you notice in th video you see trash behind me and things that shouldn’t be there. I always hate when I see it because I feel like I already live in an ugly place because there’s no greenery so to see trash is a little irritating. So let’s try and keep our planet clean! 

You’re probably thinking… is it could outside since its winter time? Let me tell you no it was not cold it felt like summer time I was burning up out there. So my attire was appropriate for the weather. This dress is from SHEIN which is a store I love to shop from because it’s so affordable and you look stylish on a budget. One of the hardest things about wearing this dress is that it’s so pretty, but doesn’t fit like a small on me. My body frame is so small and hardly has a shape so sometimes stuff doesn’t fit. I even tightened the straps and still it was still kinda loose. Hint hint my extreme side boob lol.

One reason I really love this dress is how it cross crosses in the back. It’s not just a simple black maxi dress it has some detail going on. Yes there’s a slit along the side, but I feel like the back is more captivating. I have to give a shout out to The Elle Diaries because in her blog I love how great she looks in maxi dresses. She’s a 57 year old blogger and her style is so amazing she’s literally my fashion goals. I remember telling her that I don’t think I could pull a maxi dress of especially since I’m so short and she said she thought I could. So finally I brought a maxi dress and I loved it and it does make me look smaller but it looks great on me.

If you look back up at my first picture or in the video then you’ll be able to see the detailing of my booties. I could wear these all day they’re so comfortable and don’t make my feet hurt. You know I love simple things, but I felt like the booties added a little character to this outfit. They’re so simple but they make a tiny statement with the chains running along the outside of the shoe. So cute.

I want to thank my photographer Coriano because he does an amazing job with me. To be honest if he never talked me then I probably wouldn’t have been going on these photoshoots every now and again. You never know who you’re going to meet when you’re out and about. So thanks to him because I truely love these photos.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.I appreciate everyone who reads even though I’ve been lacking lately. Have a great weekend Foster’s! 

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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