Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas! ❤️

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner Foster’s! I know this can be either a happy day or a depressing day depending on how you look at it. So if you’re going out on a date night with your significant other or a singles party with your friends I created some cute looks. All the items are about $50 and below , so click the links if you decided that you want any of the clothing items. So let’s dive right on into these cute Valentine’s Day outfits I tried to create lol. 

1.) Beige & Pink Affair

Pink is my favorite color of all time, so there is no way I wouldn’t have kept this color out of the equation. This is a really cute pink form fitting bodycon dress. It’s regally simple, but it’s really cute because of the zipper into the center. Simple but cute detailing. This outfit is really soft, but it’s cute and makes a statement. To pair it off we have beige waterfall coat with beige heels to keep the neutral color scheme going. Adding a cute rose gold clutch. 

Outfit Links:

Shell Pink Zip Front Sleeveless Bodycon Dress
Veronica Beige Oversized Waterfall Coat
Elegance Nudes
Quiz Rose Gold Clutch Bag
2.) Lace & Velvet 

This is probably a dress I would wear with my girlfriends cute and sexy. Girls night out baby. The dress gives really cute sex appeal with the lace trimming.  Kinda of looks like lingere, but it isn’t. Just because the dress is a show stopper itself I just added a simple black clutch but still sexy. Also some cute simple chunky Velvet heels. A cute outfit for you to hang with your girlfriends and let loose.

Outfit Links: 

Red Contrast Lace Trim V- neck Velvet Bodycon Cami Dress
Simple Statement Chunky Velvet Heels
Blair Deena Pouch
3.) Jumpsuit Time

One way to keep it formal, classy, simple, and casual at one time is a jumpsuit. Off the shoulder shirts and dress was one of the biggest trends during the summer and fall season, and it’s ok to bring it into the winter season. The jumpsuit is so pretty and makes an elegant statement with the frills at the top. It’ll looks good  on any body type. With some strappy heels that are probably meant for summer, but still gives elegance still. Paired with an oversized handbag. Cute outfit for date night. 

Outfit Details: 

Quiz Bardot Frill Jumpsuit
Avalon Heeled Sandal
Black Mirror Master Dome Satchel
4.) Black & Rosy 

I have an obsession with rose embroidery into dresses. I’m really going to cop this dress lol it’s only $11! This is so cute to got out with your boyfriend, fiancée, or husband. The dress is black velvet with rose embroidery. I feel like the embroidery is going to have an illusion on your shape and make you look fabulous. Paired with faux suede heels and a velvet black box clutch. Slay for date night! 

Outfit Links:

Cameo Rose Black Velvet Floral Embroidered Dress
Chic Now Strappy Faux Nubuck Heels
Black Velvet Box Clutch Bag
5.) Gold

If you want to go all out and be glitz and glam then get a sparkle dress. This is so cute to wear to a Valentine’s Day Party. This dress will for sure turn heads and have everybody looking at you which ever door you go through. I’m sure your date and friends would probably love it. Because the dress is so in your face I paired it with same simple basic black heels with a sparkle clutch. 

Outfit Links:

Gold Geometric Sequin Short Sleeve Open Back Dress
Closed Toe Stiletto High Heels
Sparkle Occasion Box Clutch Bag
6.) White & Rose Gold

White just makes everybody look freash and just nice overall. This is such a cute white cape dress. Which is also good for date night. I paired it with rose gold heels and wallet.  Cute and simple but makes a statement. 

Outfit Details:

Reeva Short Sleeve Cape Detail Shift Dress
Metallic Two-Piece Dress Sandals
Rose Gold Sequin Fold Over Clutch Bag
7.) Casual Pink

This is one of the more casual outfits in the list. You can stilllook  good in pants and coat. This outfit is with some leather pants to hug your curves with a faux fur pink jacket paired with rose gold heels. This is so cute to wear to the movies and go out for a dinner later. 

Outfit Details:

Bleeding Heart Cropped Faux Fur Jacket
Leather Pants
Metallic Two-Piece Dress Sandals

Ok well that’s all the outfits that I have for today. I tried to make some nice outfits for you guys to see what you’d like. Leave a comments and tell me which outfit you like best. Have a great week Foster’s. 

Love, Dazhane Fisher


7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas! ❤️

    1. Thank you Elle. I’ve never dressed up for Valentine’s Day before &I my relationship is long distance. So I had no idea on what exactly to wear on Valentine’s Day so I tried my hardest. And both of those sets at my favorite!!!


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