OOOTD & Review on The Royal Queens of Fashion

Hello Foster’s, today I’m going to be doing a review  on The Royal Queens of Fashion also if you watch the video above you can see the outfit and detail up close. To be honest I was going to push this blog post back till Monday because it started to rain, and I think filming outside is the best to film in the natural lighting that planet earth provides for us. So let’s get into this outfit and review. 

So who is The Royal Queens of Fashion? The Royal Queens of Fashion is a online boutique and also a fashion blogger like myself. The owner and blogger is Clarisa Trevino. They don’t have many products at this moment, but  I’m sure more products will probably be added eventually. One of the things that caught my eye was that  there is a plus size section and a lot of the items cater to plus size and curvy girls which I love. All body types are beautiful and we need to learn to love the body that we’re in!!!

I ordered this dress on Thursday day last week and it got here Tuesday this week. So shipping is actually pretty fast, and when it says it’s going to be there,it’s really going to be there on time. Costumer service which this is not a negative, but I feel like it could be better and a bit more enthusiastic and more responsive to customers. The only reason why I mention this is that everyone is social media savy and I sent her a couple of messages to her Instagram and she hasn’t opened them, but did on Facebook Messenger for her page. So the only thing I would suggest is to be a bit more social media savy to connect with future costumers. At the same time I understand that everyone is busy, but costumer service and response is a big part that a lot of customers like. If you want to see how people feel about customer service do a poll on twitter so people can vote lol. That’s how I connect with my followers to see what they like and that they have a say in what I write on my blog. Because as you know it’s not just my journey it’s our journey!!!

About the dress I totally love it. I never brought a dress that scrunches up on the side I’m not a fan of that style. In fashion sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and try something different, so I’m glad I did.This is a little bit different from my tight, form fitting dress. This dress I did buy in a small, but for some reason it fit like a medium on me. Since it fit me like a medium I think I need to gain some weight and little bit more curves lol. I’m 100 pounds even,so I probably need to gain some weight. If extra small was an option then I would’ve got an extra small. I wore a push up bra with this dress or I wouldn’t have been able to fill out the top part of the dress. I’m a 34B, and been that size since I was in 8th grade so it helped a lot with a a push up to fill it out for my lack or of curves. This dress would be super cute for Valentines Day. How I would wear it for Valentines Days would be my black faux fur coat  and some cute black high heeled boots for that winter look. Faux fur is a trend if you didn’t know, but it’s in my Winter Outfits Using Winter Essentials & Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have blog posts if you want to check those out. My boyfriend really liked the dress so that is a plus for me I always want him to love what I wear. So this dress won me over I love it. This dress is called Sleeveless Solid Jersey Knit Bodycon Dress. So if you like it click the link and buy it.

These beige or nude heels was not my first choice. I wanted to wear black heels, but I couldnt find a pair that would go with this dress. So thanks to my social media followers you guys helped me by letting me know that the the beige heels would go good, and they did! These heels made my legs look great and made me look taller I’m only 5’3.  These shoes are from AMI Clubwear called Nude Strappy Single Sole Heels Faux Suede. If you like then click the link to buy them.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post Foster’s. I have no negatives for this Boutique I loved everything and the service. I will be buying from them again! I want to thank The Royal Queens of Fashion for letting me review them. Also I hope you enjoy the video as well I felt like I was walking the runway, which of course I did I’m a model in my own little world. Someone needs to hire me as a model lol. 

The Royal Queens of Fashion Social Media: 

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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