Rainy Day OOTD

Hello Foster’s, I think it’s been about a month since I did and Outfit of the Day on one of my outfits. To be honest I haven’t been trying to get ready or anything. Just basic outfits not anything special. It’s actually raining here in California and we need all the rain we can get especially with the drought we have going on. In advance the video has some glowy type affect because I’m not use to my camera just yet and didn’t change the setting, but it’s ok. I hope you enjoy this blog post!!!

I did have two jackets on that that, but I didn’t think that my black pea coat went with the outfit all the well. So for my jacket I have this very thin olive green bomber jacket. This jacket to me is just for a statement or just to grab its not really meant for warmth. It’s one of those jackets you grab just invade its cold in your classroom lol. But I felt like it tied the out together a little bit and gave a fall feel to it.

The shirt is a rib knit shirt with thin straps. Why I wore this shirt out in the rain I have no idea lol. I wasn’t thinking or looked out my window while getting ready that day. It’s a nice burgundy color which fits right in with the fall and winter colors scheme. it’s from rue 21. I got it during summer time I think it was buy one and get another one free so I took advantage of the a got multiple shirts like this one.

As many of you know I have a love hate relationship when it comes to jeans. It’s not the fact that I can’t fit them it’s just that in the back area the waist of my pants always sticks out. So these are probably one of my favorite pairs of jeans since they hug me just right and fit very well. The belt came a long with these jeans. I like how where you button the pants they have two buttons it kinda gives off a little bit of a high waisted appeal, but not really. I cuffed the bottom of my jeans because I don’t like having my boots in my jeans especially if they’re booties or ankle boots.

These booties are really cute. I actually wear these to school because the heel is not that long to where it’s going to hurt my feet Also it’s a little bit of a chunky heels so it makes walking more accessible. I picked these because I felt like it pulled the whole winter and fall season together.And overall these shoes are pretty cute.

I hope that you enjoyed this short blog post. Again I want to apologize about the quality, will be better next time. 

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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