Winter Outfits Using Winter Essentials

Some people love winter and some people don’t. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like winter I hate the cold. I love summer and the heat. Needless to say a lot of people don’t know how to be stylish in the winter season, so using my Winter Essential Must Haves blog post I created outfits using those items. This was my first time creating the outfits using the Polyvore app so I tried to put the outfits together as best I could.

1.) Sweater Dress

One of the hottest sweaters of this season is the sweater dress. I’ve seen them everywhere in social media and on people. One thing I forgot to add in this pictures was some type of tights to keep your legs warm. I love this dress because it’s a little bit different from the simple pull over dress. To dress this up a little bit I added some thigh high boots to add a little something to it. And add a nice midi jacket for some warmth.

2.) Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are one of the biggest essentials this winter. I’m always seeing them in black so I decided to go with the color grey. Theses thigh high boots have a chunky heel to them making them reall nice for a more casual approach. White jeans compliment the grey boots so well. To keep the casual look going I added a casual crop top with an all black bomber jacket.

3.) Jeans

Jeans are an everyday item to wear for a lot of us. This is a super casual look that I would most likely wear on a school day. Jeans with an oversized tshirt and a cardigan. This could be a very nice outfit for fall as well. Also some all black converse to finish it off.

4.) Patchwork Jeans

I actually haven’t seen a lot of people wearing these jeans. The patchwork jeans are a 70’s trend. To be honest I’m probably going to buy a pair I actually love them. So I paired these up with a black, button up, collard shirt. Also with some black suede oxfords shoes. It’s pretty cute simple outfit to wear out.

5.) Fedora 

In my Winter Essentials blog I mentioned that it’s a good thing that it’s good to see something one out head different then a beanie in the winter time. With this fedora I was thinking of a polish look  I guess. Like one of those outfits that you see when people ride horses. I like the blouse that you can tie into a crop top with these olive green not so noticeable distressed jeans. A long black knit cardigan to add warmth and these ankle booties. Nice casual look and stylish.

6.) Statement Coat

Statement coats come in all different sizes, colors, and patterns. Just in case you don’t want to go ahead with the crazy patterns and stick to one popping color you can choose what I did for the picture above. I chose a really nice bright red statement coat. Just that one color and how bright it is, is going to turn heads when you’re walking wherever you’re going. To tone it down I went with an one color attire Robb balance it out. Because the red is so fierce I added some leather lace up pants paired with the really high heeled booties. This screams fierce and sexy with just a fraphic tshirt that’s says the book was better. I added that in to say this is a casual sexy kind of outfit.

7.) Faux Fur Vest

During the winter seasons you traditionally see the faux fur vest in black or that chestnut color. I wanted to show how it looked in white color. This outfit doesn’t scream with with the light pastel and neutral colors, but who says you have stick to the winter color scheme. I added a light pink button up collared shirt with these tan straight leg pants. You can tuck the shirt into your pants  in you want or let it hang. I added the  black booties just to offset the neutral and pastel colors.

8.) Neutral Handbag

I really love this outfit combo and just sticking with all neutral colors. With the hand bag being neutral I wanted to make sure that the thigh high boots and trench coat were as well. The colors look so nice against the white jeans and sweater makes the outfit seem so fresh. It also would’ve gone well with black jeans and sweater as well.

9.) Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are an essential in a lot of our closets. I know I have a lot of them in mine, which I probably should start wearing. This is a cute outfit for going out on a date or for your job. I love the sweater with the white collar sticking out with these high wasted pants that flare out. It’s so classy and elegant. Add along this nice thick black jacket. Just to add a pop of color these nice Velvet booties.

10.) Leather Jacket

This whole outfit screams I’m a badass. A leather jacket is suppose to give you a bit of edge to your outfit. To keep the edge going I added distress black jeans with a distressed sweater. Even though the sweater is distressed it does seem pretty thick. I added these really tall chunky heel rocker boots to keep the edge appeal. I could see myself wearing those boots. This is just an sexy and edgy outfit to wear.

11.) Midi Dress

A long sleeve midi dress is really go think to wear in the work place. Just this burgundy colored long sleeve midis dress with this long thin pleated trench coat. And some all black booties. Everything is just simple and ready to wear for a casual occasion.

12.) Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarfs can be worn multiple ways a vest, scarf, poncho,etc… For this outfit my scarf is going to stay in it’s scarf form. This is a two toned scarf with black and grey. This is an outfit I would most likely wear to school on the days I don’t feel like getting ready. Some leggings with any type of sweater and converse. If you know me I wear my converse a lot lol. And for extra warmth an all black jacket with white fur inside. This is called cozy and casual.

13.) Turtle Neck

Everyone knows I love a turtle neck. One of my favorite pieces of clothing. So here is a knit title neck paired with this knit skit with a slit. From what the textures look like it looks as if it would keep you warm. Of course I had to add some lace up booties for some sexiness lol.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Hopefully next time I’ll try and not choose all black outfits. The wording is a little weird trying to describe these outfits, but I hope you enjoyed them. Have a great week Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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