Happy New Years!!! 2017


Happy New Year’s, Foster’s!!! It’s another year we’re going into and I’m wishing that everybody has an awesome and prosperous year. I know that 2016 was a crazy year for the whole entire world there was a lot of things going on that we caused turmoil. There’s a lot of things going in around us in our communities. A lot of these things are still going to be going on, since things don’t change overnight. From black men being shot and it being caught on camera. Protesters  being arrested like  the actress Shailene Woodly  for standing side by side with the  Native Americans about the pipelines. Which ended up with a success and they will be rerouted. That’s just to name a few. Also probably one of the biggest things that gone on was the presidential election between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. A lot of us seen the craziness that went on when the president elect was announced. I’m not one to get into the politics, even though I’m not happy that Donald Trump won, but at the end of the day he is the next president and need to accept that and make it work.


It’s a New Year  its a great chance for everyone to start over. When a New Year comes around it’s like a breath of fresh air. One thing I want to do is to take better care of myself mentally and physically. Mentally I’ve been all over the place. For the last couple of months I’ve been severely depressed. I haven’t been really going out, just staying locked up in my room. I had a couple of moments where I’m like I want to end my life, and been close to actually doing that. I want to try and remind myself that they’re things that aren’t in my control. I have to accept that because I can’t let that I don’t know my bio mother and not talking to my adoptive mother affect me anymore. Regarding my physically health I would like to start to eat more. I’ve always been a thin girl all my life before I was adopted I was not being feed. But when I’m depressed I tend not to eat anything at all throughout the day. I will have a couple of good days and eat, but then here comes a bad day. So I want to start being a little bit more consistent when it comes to eating just want to gain a little bit more weight.


Onto some of my goals that I want continue to achieve. I will still continue to be going to school. I really want to try and finish my education so that I can become an educator myself.Winter semester already ended, so I already have my classes for spring semester which will be staring in February. I do go to community college if you didn’t know. I would love to continue to blog for all the people who come back and read two times a week. Trying to bring in some new content and make it interesting. Last year was an amazing year for my blog it has grown so much and I would love for it to continue to grow. Another thing is I would love to continue to do some freelance modeling. That is always going to be one of my biggest passions, always something I wanted to do. So I’m in the thought process of thinking of some creative ideas to shoot.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and hope that you all have a great year. To continue what you’ve have been doing and be successful. All I want is for everybody to have fun and live life and that’s what I’ll be trying to do. Happy New Years Foster’s!!!

Love, Dazhane Fisher



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