From the Runway to the Bodybuilding Stage


Working out for some of us seems like a chore, we struggle, and at times we’re not always 100% committed to it. There are times when we’re like “I’m going to the gym today.”……and we end up not going or doing any kind of workout that day at all. I’m guilty of that, but for  Mimi working out is  an everyday thing.

Exercising should become a lifelong process; not a short lived ambition. In order to reach your unlimited potential along with maximizing your fitness goals, exercising has to become a fixture in your lifestyles. Think about this – 3500 calories burned equals 1lb of fat. If you burn at least 500 calories a day, that will translate to one pound lost per week.


Who is Mimi you might be wondering… let me give you a  little recap. Mimi is an educator, she teaches mathematic on a secondary and high school level. Another thing about Mimi is that she used to model in her 20’s for Otto Management in California. She also did video shoots and also a cosmetic line shoot for Estée Lauder . One of the things that she mentioned in her other blogs post was that she was getting back into the modeling world through fitness and she’s done just that. (All pictures above are clickable)

The last time we talked Mimi mentioned entering a Bikini Fitness Competition this. We’re going to talk about some of the steps that she took, to get prepared for competition day. Mimi’s training was very intense, she trained six days a week… working each body part twice a week.  For the last three weeks before competition she did cardio seven days a week. Her strength training was centered around glutes, shoulders, and hamstrings. One of the things Mimi mentioned is that the judges vote heavily on those specific body parts, so everything about her training is intense and very focused.

Mimi hired a coach who designed her meal plan and resistance training to increase her chances of doing well in competition. Her meal plan was very, very strict her food was timed and weighed. We don’t have any actual footage of her mean plan but this is what her diet consisted of fish, sweet potato, green vegetables, egg whites, and a gallon of water each day. Mimi was eating almost six to seven times a day to prepare for competition day. She was training  for close to two hours everyday for six days a week. During her training she suffered a bad case of tendonitis in her right knee, but didn’t give up she continued to train through it.

Enter a caption
Backstage there were times where Mimi was nervous, but from watching the video above she seems very calm and knows what she’s doing. So whatever nervousness she was feeling didn’t show when she was out there on the stage doing her thing. Some of her nervousness came from that there were too many twist and turns, changes, and setbacks. During call outs the bikini bottoms were falling off, her tan was running from washing her hands after not hearing the judges cue during call outs. Due to some of the complications going on backstage it did cost Mimi the first place slot, but she did end up in second place. The best part about this is that looking at her on stage through the video your not able to tell that all these things were going in backstage. It looked like she was in her element and was killing the stage. Even though some things weren’t going as well backstage she went out and did very well. It looks as if she had an awesome support team with her to cheer her on so it’s great to see the support.


There’s another show in April, so Mimi will be staring cutting season in late January, early February to be prepared for the show in April. For all of you who don’t know what cutting season is, which I didn’t means…. you start shredding, cutting back the carbs to make sure your muscle detail pops for the show. Since the show she’s been eating a lot of crabs and has gained 16lbs since the first show and most of it is muscle. Her coach wants her to have a bigger, muscular package going on for the next show. He wants her to be  a ” Bikini Superhero”.

I hope that you enjoyed this post with Mimi on her first Bikini Fitness Competition and got to know a little bit about what goes into bodybuilding. I mentioned to her that I don’t think I could do the intense workout and the dieting meal plan. She said that not many can it’s an athlete program and all the training and dieting that she’s doing is what it takes to do this competing. Leave a comment down below on what you think about Mimi and her fitness routine. Overall just give her a warm welcoming as my guest. I hop that you enjoyed this post and that all images are clickable to make them bigger. I want to thank Mimi for being on the blog with I really appreciate it.

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Love, Dazhane Fisher


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