Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have!

Some people love winter some people hate winter. Foster’s I’m one of those people who doesn’t like winter. It’s way too cold and I just can’t stand it. I’m more of a spring and summer kind of girl. Needless to say just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you can’t me fashionable. So I’ve been doing some intensive research on major blog sites as well as smaller bloggers, in the blogging community to see what’s going on for winter. So I have a lot of winter essentials that you must have for your wardrobe. Let’s get into some of these products.

1.) Versatile Sweater


I remember when I was in elementary I didn’t want to wear sweater to school because I felt like I was the only one wearing them. Now as I’m older I love them and tryin sg to keep warm is better then trying to look cute. I’ve actually seen a lot of people wearing sweaters I’m a very big fan of them this season. There are so many ways to style a sweater. You can wear sweaters with some jeans for a nice casual look for grocery shopping  or just chilling on the weekend. Also you can wear it with tights as shown in the picture  above. If the sweater is shorter then you can pair it with a skirt and tights for a work look. One of the main sweaters I’ve been seeing a lot of people wearing is the distressed sweater, which I personally look, but don’t own because I probably wouldn’t wear it. But with the distressed sweater dress if you do decide to wear it during the winter would be a nice to pair with tights and thigh high boots. A sweater is a good staple to have it’s comfy and warm.

2.) Knee High Boots


Thigh high boots are everywhere. Everybody is wearing and buying them. They’re everywhere you look in social media. These over the knee boots give you a nice sexy edge to your outfit. You can wear these how it shows in the pictures above with some jeans which adds extra coverage on your legs and keep you warm. You can also opt for a skirt and tights paired with some knee high boots. These are a great essential to have in your closet. They can be a little it pricey, but they’re totally worth it and keep you warm. You can drees knee high or thigh high boots up or down depending on how you feel like wearing them that day.

3.) Jeans


Jeans seem to be in every article I looked at so I added them to this list. One of the reasons I was iffy about adding these to the list was because I feel like everybody wears jeans, but I also know some people don’t like to. Jeans are really great to have and wear because they come in all style and colors. Jeans are perfect for casual wear, just grab a shirt and everything is just fine. I know that some girl find it hard to find jeans to fit around certain area because they’re a little bit on the thicker side. I want to say don’t be discouraged as there are a lot of online boutiques that are catering to the thick and curvy girls. So go check some of those boutiques out if you can’t find jeans that you like.

4.) Turtle Neck


If you’ve been on my blog for awhile then you know that I love turtle necks. I really they can make anyone look crisp, sharp, and sophisticated. These really look good on your figure. In my Bomber Jacket Blog Post you can see how I layered the turtle neck with a crew neck sweater. Since some of these turtle necks are made of some thin material unless its made from sweater material it would be could to add layers. It’s a warm cozy piece of clothing to add to wear this winter. And overall just go ahead on and look cute.

5.) Statement Coats


Who doesn’t want to make a fashion statement when they walk out of their house? This is probably something if I were to seen this out and about I would be very intrigued. and probably stare a little. One of the reasons you should have one of these coats in your closet is because you’re still able to look fashionable even if you’re covered up. If you don’t want to wear one as bold as the picture above you can just get a solid color and still make a statement. These coats come in all different sizes and length. This coat is just going to make you stand out in the crowd, make you warm, and cozy. Its a nice outwear piece of clothing to make a statement to wear.

6.) Ankle Boots


Ankle boots are a good essential to have in your closet this winter just incase you don’t want to wear boots that go a little bit further up on your legs. These are just as versatile as knew high boots. One thing is that ankle boots always seem to make their way into every season because of their versatility. You can wear ankle boots with a skirt or dress of your choice and with tights just to give it that winter feel. You can also wear it with jeans or a knitted sweater like I mentioned above. I’m pretty sure a lot of us have some boots like these laying around in our closets if not you should see if you’re interest and get a pair. I know that I’ve actually been wearing ankle boots a lot more then an other kind of style of boots.

7.) 70’s Patch-Worked Jeans


I know I mentioned above that jeans are trending, but just the classic skinny. Then we have the distressed jeans which are everywhere you look and go. Now we have the 70’s inspired patch work jeans. I can honestly say that I’m a fan. This is actually something that I haven’t seen anybody wearing them, which is great at the moment. These are jeans that are going to be really fun how to style. Unlike the picture above a lot of them are made like boyfriend jeans and on the baggy side. One of the reasons these are good for winter its like the pants are telling the story they’re not your basic skinny. Instead of wearing distressed jeans with the rips in them you can wear these and have fun with them.

8.) Neutral Handbag


Neutrals and Nudes don’t seem like they’re ever going to go away anytime soon. We see them from fashion to makeup. So this winter neutral handbags are in. I really the handbag and the outfit that went a long with it in the picture. The picture shows one way how you could style it by just sticking with all neutral tones. You can also opt to wear more darker colors which would be something I would do. Wear all black or whatever dark colors of your choice and pick a neutral handbag. Picking a neutral handbag with a dark colored outfit is that its a nice contrast against your outfit and make it pop.

9.) Leather Jacket


A leather jacket is a must have in your closet. It’s suppose to give you an edge to your outfit just incase you think its dull and boring. I’ve always seen wearing a leather jacket as if you’re a badass and hardcore lol. I remember when I was younger favorite jacket I though I was fancy as all get out. It was a reversible jacket so I was able to wear on the leather side or on the cheetah print fur. I can’t fit it anymore, but its still my favorite jacket. So its a good staple to have and give a little edge.

10.) Midi Dress


Midi dresses are really cute to wear and dress up. A midi dress is really good for the workplace, its work appropriate. These are the type of dresses where you can be sexy without trying so hard. You can actually wear these with some ankle boots, or heels. I’ve actually seen these worn with some knee high boots before and it looks great. Your type of shoe choice would probably depend on the style of the midi dress, but any of the choices could work. These are also great for work holiday  parties or just any party event.

11.) Fedora/ Wide Brim Hat


This is an absolutely a great hat to bring into the winter I’m glad that it was mentioned because we’re always wearing beanies on the top of our heads. These hats can also make you feel warm in the winter. Also other then wearing a beanie with a fedora or a wide brim hat you’re making more of a fashion statement. These hats are in so many different styles, colors, sizes and more. This kind of hat is just going to make your outfit look a little bit more stylish then the traditional beanie. So try to wear on of these hats and put the beanie on the sidelines just for a little while this winter, but not completely.

12.) Blanket Scarves


I’m really amazed with this blanket scarf. This is really something you should pick up next time you’re out doing some retail therapy. I was really shocked at everything you could do with this scarf. I’ve seen some pictures of it worn as a scarf , shawl, poncho, and also a vest. I’m really thinking about getting one. This was my first time ever noticing them so I was truly in shocked on the different styles you could make out of one scarf. This is definitely going to keep you warm this winter. This is a great chic essential to have in your closet.

13.) Faux Fur Vest


This is probably something that you’re going to see everywhere on social media and everywhere on the internet. This is a very nice stylish, chic piece to have. They have these in multiple colors. I’ve noticed that a lot of people go for the all black or walnut looking color, but there are other colors out there. Because this is a vest one of the key factors would probably to add layers underneath so that you’re able to be and stay warm.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post. It’s way more lengthy then my previous blog post. If you comment let me know which items on this list do you own and also is it cold where you are. Where I live its been pretty cold, but hasn’t been consistent I’ve still been having some warm days. Have a great week Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


4 thoughts on “Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have!

  1. Thank you, Elle it’s pretty hard trying to create this list and keep it within the trends. Funny thing is that where I live the weather hasn’t been consistent with the cold weather, so it’s hard to wear a lot of the items. I’m glad that you liked the list, and I’m pretty sure you’ll look gorgeous in a denim jacket. You always look great in everything you wear on your blog!!


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