Compilation of my Favorite Outfits 2016

Hello Foster’s today’s post is going to be a compilation of my favorite outfits 2016. Sadly there aren’t a lot of outfits that weren’t recorded, and haven’t been many since I restarted my channel so I picked the best one’s that I actually liked that I put up. All the videos have their individual video up on my channel and they also have their own blogpost except one. So if you haven’t seen some of the videos before now you can because I put them all in one 10 minute video

Casual Chic OOTD


This is one of my casual outfits that I love. This is one of my favorites I’m wearing this black mock top which reminds me of a turtle neck which I love. Even though its more on the casual side it still gives you a sophisticated fell to it. These jeans which I mentioned in my blog post was that I brought them the wrong size so they were really tight and I could hardly breath, but they’re really cute. The shoes are from Y.I.M. Outfitters which are one of my favorites they’re really comfortable. Read the original blogpost where I go into detail. (Casual Chic OOTD)

OOTD Black Polka Dots
This outfit doesn’t have a blog post to go along with the video because I didn’t like the way the pictures came out. This outfit was during the summer time. I wore those black shorts a lot of the time on my blog during the summer. I got the shorts for a good dead from Y.I.M Outfitters/ V Generation, it was like buy 2 get the 3rd one free. The polka dot top I hadn’t worn it in a long time so I though I would throw it on. I love this because it’s not an over the top shirt even though it has polka dots. For me it’s hard to pair this shirt together with any other colors other than black. I always color coordinate I haven’t got to the point of where I’m bold enough to mix and math colors and prints. These black booties are so adorable I really love them. Paired with this outfit it accented my legs they make my legs look really nice and make me look taller. This was probably one of my favorite outfits sorry for not posting this outfit before.

Black Sleeveless Backless Jumpsuitimg_4415-2
In my SheIn Haul video I mentioned that everybody should have a jumpsuit in their closet. Jumpsuits can be so versatile because you can dress them up or down. This one is a very basic looking jumpsuit in the from bust sexy in the back. One of the main reasons that I liked this jumpsuit was that it really made my back look sexy. I did a opt for a more casual way to dress this up. I was going to wear these with convers instead, but I was like this is my first time wearing this so I’ll try and dress it up. So I put on some black booties just so it can be a little dressy, but not that much. You can dress this however way you want to do it. This is a really nice jumpsuit to wear and make you feel sexy. Check the blog post out on this where you’ll see me go into more detail. (Black Sleeveless Backless Jumpsuit)

Random Park OOTD
When I made this video I wasn’t planning on filming anything that day, but it was pretty outside. I really love the outside world it’s so pretty, vibrant. and full of life. As you can see I wasn’t really matching at all and I looks like I just drew something together which is absolutely right. This is one on my favorite braletts, the crossover is kind of trending lately with these bras. Joggers are my all time favorite comfy wear. If I don’t feel like getting dressed up or trying I’ll just throw something on. I put on some nice sneakers that I really love. And on top of my hat a bright pink hate we all know I love pink. Like I told you the outfit doesn’t match at all, but I made it work. Check out the blog post where you’ll see me go into detail. (Random Park: OOTD)

School OOTD
This is my casual school wear. When I go to school I don’t have time to really put my makeup in and get ready. So the whole entire time I’m going to school I was makeup free. This my outfit a basic graphic tee, jeans, and some shoes. I really like my shirt it says “Down to Ride Til the Very End” Bonnie and Clyde shirts. For some reason everybody wants their relationship to be like Bonnie and Clyde, but hopefully not the criminal aspect just the how they ride for each other. I like basic outfits like these they’re very comfortable. Go check out the blog post on this where I go more in detail. (School OOTD)

Suede Dress OOTD
Out of all my outfits this is my absolute favorite one. I really loved the way I looked. I wore this on my dads birthday in September. This is my kind of style casual and sexy. Camel colored dresses and skirts were trending at the time I was seeing them everywhere on social media. This dress really made my legs look much longer then they really are. I feel like I looked chic and I was really feeling myself. Sometimes when you feel beautiful it shows and in the video I was glowing. I wore sandals instead of heels because you know I wanted to be a little bit casual. Go read the blog post on this outfit where I go into detail (Suede Dress: OOTD)
Ok Foster’s I hope you enjoyed the blog post and the videos all put together in one. If you comment let me know which outfit you liked best on me. And it’s almost Christmas and I know a lot of you can’t wait to see what you got and to spend time with your family.

Love, Dazhane Fisher



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