Christmas Guide for Her!

Hello Foster’s, today I’m going to give you some ideas for what you’re girlfriend, fiancé, or wife might want for Christmas. I’m just listing off a few things that maybe they’ll want. On a side note I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet, but I am today for the few people I’m getting gifts for. So let’s get into this Christmas 

1.) Clothes

I think this is probably number one everyone’s list male or female.  I for one can say I truely would love a whole lot of clothes sitting under the tree. Plus clothes are a girls bestfriend right!?!? So if this is what you’re thinking about buying for your girlfriend, fiancé, wife, or just your friend in general then I would suggest some clothes. I’m pretty sure that they would appreciate it. I’m going to list a few online stores down below you can shop from, but you might have to pay more for shipping so that it can come on time. I know that it takes shipping forever at times especially since it’s the holiday Christmas season everyone’s ordering online.

2.) Bath & Body Works

One of the reasons I put this on the list is because outside of shopping for clothes we love fragrances and lotions. Right now as I’m typing this everything in the store and in the website $5 (so check out that link ⬅️⬅️) and get in on the deals. I’m sure she’ll like it especially if it’s her favorite fragrance!

3.) A Car

There are a lot of Christmas sales and deals on cars. A lot of the dealerships have some kind of thingy going on about what you pay if you by the car by a certain time. Personally the car I put above is one of my dream cars. This is a good choice for your wife, husband, and significant other and  put a nice big red bow in top!

4.) Jewelry 

I don’t know who doesn’t love jewelry. I personally like jewelry. She will apreciate it I’m sure. Especially if it’s something fancy. I like simple pieces that make a statement. Jewelry is a good gift to get.

5.) Promise/ Engagement Ring

I’m throwing this one in because this is what I want lol. I’m pretty sure a lot of ladies want one of the two on Christmas it’s kinda of special especially since it’s on a holiday. I want a promise ring for my boyfriend for Christmas. Fingers crossed that I get it!!!!

6.) Makeup 

Makeup is like a girls best friend. It’s everywhere you see a lot of video out there floating around about all the different ways you can do and it’s amazing. One of the eyeshade pallets I’ve been seeing everyone use it but is from Kylie Cosmetics, called KYSHADOWS. Kylie is taking the beauty industry by storm. So makeup is a really great gift for all those beauty gurus out there.

7.) Money

Last thing on my list is money. Everyone loves money. So hopefully someone leaves you some money in you stocking and or somewhere in your Christmas gifts.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide I put together. I through it together off the top of my head. Also remember you don’t have to get anything extravagant for her for Christmas the little things are just as good.And it’s almost Christmas!!! Can’t wait!

Love, Dazhane Fisher


2 thoughts on “Christmas Guide for Her!

    1. The $5 sale was at Bath & Body Works I don’t know if it’s still going on. I tried with this list, stuff was just popping up in my head. I’m glad you liked the list. I hope I get a promise ring!!!!!


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