Wrightwood California

Hey Foster’s!!! Today I decided to share a little one minute vlog for you. It’s not much because I didn’t plan on vloging and these are just little snippets of my day in the mountains. I decided to post this on my blog and YouTube, because if you use Facebook you’re not allowed to use copyrighted music anymore, so I couldn’t post my video. I didn’t have a fashion post to post today so I thought I’ll give you a little snippet of my life. So instead of giving you nothing I though I’ll give you a little something, something.

So I went to Wrightwood California with a family friend. I’ve don’t remember coming here when I was younger, but my dad says that I have. I only remember Big Bear. As some of you may know California we hardly get snow or a white Christmas. So it was nice driving and going into the mountains to see some snow. I wasn’t a lot of snow. It was deep in some areas and not so deep in others. I’m pretty sure if you live where it snows a lot then you know that the snow I saw was nothing, but to me I was happy to see some. It was really fun to walk around a  little bit and feel it. The snow tasted so good as you see in the video above I was eating it. Like it tasted fresher then filtered water and ice. I eat ice 24/7 and let me tell you if snow was a regular thing I would be eating snow all day it was that good. I know that I took it from off the ground, but I made sure I ate from the fresh snow that hasn’t been messed with or stepped on. Overall I liked the scenery, I love the woodsy areas and the view is just great.

Thanks Foster’s for reading this tiny blog post. I know it isn’t much, but I like to share a little more lifestyle with you. I hope you enjoyed it and I had fun. Have a great week Foster’s.


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