SheIn Haul

Hey Foster’s today  I’m going to show you my recent Haul from this  website called SHEIN. I’ve done two blog post already on them, but I wanted for you to see everything as I brought them together. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I tried to explain them the best way that I can.

This is the Black Off the Shoulder Scallop Hem Dress. I wore this dress for Thanksgiving so go check out that Blog Post. Off the Shoulder or Bardot Tops were very trendy this past summer and worked their way into the fall abs winter seasons. Every you looked, you saw them. I got onto the trend at the end of summer, early fall. As I mentioned in my previous blog for Thanksgiving this is a really nice figure hugging dress. It’s a little on the short side so it does rise a lot. 

This is the Grey Open Back Sleeveless Bodycon Dress. As I mentioned in the video above I have a love/hate relationship with this dress. I don’t really like the whole back area looks like. It’s a very interesting tecniqye to put on. It’s very strappy way to put on around the shoulders and neck area. It is very form fitting to my body I have to say.

This is the Black Sleeveless Backless Jumpsuit. I did a Blog Post and YouTube video so go check it out to see how I style it. I really loved the exposed back on this. I really liked how it shows my itty but curves.

This is the Pink Scoop Neck Backless Dress. This is a very nice dress for going to work. It’s very work appropriate, but you would just have to worry about the clevage area and make sure it’s more covered up. Patel colors are being brought into the fall and winter colors, but personally with me I would wear with it in the summer or spring time. I really like this dress and it covers me up.

This is the Black Spaghetti Strap Criss Cross Split Long Dress. This is the perfect for the spring and summer time. This dress was in a small and I had to adjust the so that it could fit better. I like the way it shows off a little leg. I also like the way the back cris crosses it makes the back look very sexy. Overall a really nice dress.

This is the Burgundy Ruched Asymmetrical Velvet Cami Dress. I’m thinking about wearing this for either Christmas or Valentines Day. Velvet is also a major trend this season. You see it from dresses, pants, jackets, shoes, etc.. This is a nice dress for a special occasion.
I hope that you guys enjoyed this blog post. Have a good productive week Foster’s!!

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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