Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Foster’s, I hoped that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and enjoyed it with the family that you love. I spent thanksgiving with a family friend since most of you guys know I don’t really have a realationship with my adoptive mom anymore. But I hope that every body had and an awesome Thanksgiving! Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you’re thankful for! Now onto this outfit I wore for Thanksgiving! Sorry I don’t have a video to go along with post.

This is the only picture with the whole complete look. It was a holiday so I had to get dressed up and a little fancy and slay lol. Starting from the top the faux fur jacket, which is a really big trend in the fall and winter time is from DD’s Discount. I don’t remember the price exactly but I know it wasn’t a lot of money. I like to dress good but cheap. It is really soft and I love it and it just adds a touch of fancy to the dress I’m wearing and to the whole outfit.

This place SHEIN is literally my favorite place to shop online. They have all of my favorite style and everything for a good price. This Black Off the Shoulder Scallop Hem Bodycon Dress is one of my favorite dresses that I have ordered from there. I love the hem of the dress it’s not your traditional straight line of a hem. It makes the simple little black dress have a little bit of character. I like the dress soooo much that I’m going to order the the burgundy or red wine also. The only thing I didn’t really like is that I wish it was a little bit longer. It rose every time I walked and sat down. I’m guessing it does that because it’s a bodycon dress and very firm fitting. Maybe if I got a medium it would be longer butbidk if the fit would be the same. If you feel like ordering the dress click the link above.

I didn’t have any tights so I wore these very high socks from Payless. I was very hesitant to wear them because I was like “I don’t know if this is going to work.”but everyone seemed to like it. It wore into me and I was like I never stepped out of the box before and tried something new and out of my comfort zone. So I really like I added the socks and I like the pattern. The boots are from DD’s Discount and you seen them in my last post the Black Sleeveless Backless Jumpsuit. I really love these boots they are really comfortable.

On a funny note my boyfriend doesn’t really like my items of clothing lol. So when I sent him the pictures he sent this back showing me the skin I was exposing. Compared to my other outfits I thought this was pretty covered up. I thought I would share this with you because I found it funny.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post Foster’s. I know I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately. I don’t know why but I’ll try an incorporate more color. Leave a comment and tell me what you did for Thanksgiving and what you’re thankful for. Hoped that you had an awesome Thankagving!!!!

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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