Black Sleeveless Backless Jumpsuit

Hey Foster’s its been 14 days since I last posted, my apologies. College is kicking my butt lol. Anyways today I’m going to be talking about this jumpsuit that I got from she SheIn. I really love this online store because it has all of the styles that I like to wear for a really good price. Watch the video about to see how I worked this outfit.

Some of you may know by now I love to dress, dressy casual. I don’t like to go all the way out with an outfit depending on where I’m going. So I love this jumpsuit because it’s versatile. You can dress it up if down. I went for a dressed down look. I don’t have any make up on, hardy any jewelry. It’s a little boring, but I wasn’t going anywhere special. You could dress this up or down any way you want.

Ok the material is of a stretchy fabric which I like because it hugs to my body and gives me a little bit of a shape. What holds the jumpsuit together is the mock neck or the choker neck. With the neck structured the way it is and symbolizes a choker I didn’t know if a necklace would like right or not. Adding a necklace would’ve made it look to busy in my opinion. If you have any styling techniques let me know in the comments. One of the things I don’t like is that I’m a very short person sometimes so I don’t like how it bunched up around my ankles.

You’re probably like it’s fall it’s freezing….why are you wearing this jumpsuit showing all this skin??? Let me tell you the weather in the High Desert where I live in this day was HOT. The weather is wishy washey right now so it’s cold one day the next hot. Any the back of the jumpsuit is exposing my whole back which it doesn’t look that bad and adds a little something to this all black jumpsuit. With the whole exposed back and it coming together by my neck it shows side boob. If you follow me on Instagram (side boob pic)then you’ll see it was showing. But then again this jumpsuit made my butt look a little big and my boobs look like they went away. Lol.

Since I didn’t accessorize this look with much jewelry just a pair of earrings the shoes were troubling to me. Because of the cut out I thought this needs to be a dressy casual look. You know how I love to wear converse all the time so I was about to grab them. Then I was like I’ll just try these new borrows I got from DD’s Discount for $9. I’m telling you I be ballin in a budget and sometimes you can’t even tell the price of what I wear even though it’s cheap. So these booties added a little something, something to my this out fit.

I hope that you enjoyed this outfit of the day. If you feel like buying this jumpsuit from SHEINclick the link. It’s only $13.99 & comes in 4 different sizes. Have an awesome weekend & it’s almost Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Love, Dazhane Fisher


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