Black & White Sweater

Hello Foster’s I want to apologizing for not posting the days that I’m suppose to post. I’m very strict on myself about that, but school has been killing me lol. Anyways welcome to my new layout and color scheme on my blog!!!! Today we’re gna talk about my white and black sweater. Make sure you watch the video above!

I swear I be looking soo mean in my pictures. So as you know fall is here and we’re finally starting to feel it here in the High Desert where I like in California. Even though it looks pretty sunny in my picture and video is very gray and cloudy. I just found that little bit of sun. So I decided to wear this oversized sweater perfect for the weather and the color of the sky. This sweater doesn’t give me much shape and I really like that because I don’t always need to wear something so tight. It’s very roomy and open. For the purpose of the video I added this belt which I took from my dad real quick, I felt like I needed to add a little something to the sweater since it makes me look so small. I’ve actually did a blog post on this last year but I decieded to redo it because it gotdeleted.


The leggings are black and you’ll be able to see in the video that they have leopard print on them. I like these because they’re really comfortable and at the same time you can’t really notice that the leopard prints. I know that over the knee and thigh high boots are trending a lot this season, but I don’t have any. After putting these boots on I’m like imma look too short. I’m really short in real life I just look tall in some pictures where my legs are showing. So I don’t know if I’m going to get any boots that high up, but I’ll see. I might just stick to the boots that go right up to my knee like the ones I’m wearing.

I hoped you enjoyed this short blog  post. Have a great weekend and relax, which is what I’m going to do!!


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