School OOTD

Hello Foster’s, today is an school outfit of the day. What I wear and what I look like during the school week. To be honest sometimes I don’t even feel like getting ready, so the first thing that I see is the first thing that I wear. Sometimes there really isn’t a thought process of what I’m going to wear during the week. So let’s get into this blog. Make sure you watch the video above it goes a long with the outfit that I’m wearing.


My  shirts is from SheInside Official it’s an online store. From what I know a lot of YouTuber’s and Fashion Bloggers shop from there. Their clothes are pretty amazing I’m always on there looking at things to buy, so go check it out if you’re interested SheInside Official.The shirts says Down To Ride Til The Very End, and in the bak it says Clyde. I also have the white one as well, but the back says Bonnie instead. I wonder who has a Bonnie and Cyde relationship since some people think their relationship is relationship goals? img_3958

Jeans are always the hardest things for me to buy, it’s like they don’t want to fit me how I want them. These jeans are from DD’s Discount and I don’t like to pay an arm and a leg for jeans so that is where I normally get mine. These are a comfortable fit.


The shoes are from ross these aren’t my favorite, but sometime I like to switch my shoes around. And they just kind of remind me of timbs.

I hope you enjoyed this short little blog post.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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