Janiela Johnson: My Weight Loss Journey

Today I’m back with a Guest Feature, Janielia Johnson. She has been on my blog multiple times Janielia Johnson. Overall she loves the experience which makes me happy. Since I’ve started my blog journey I’ve always said it’s not just my journey it’s our journey, and Janiela has brought that to life. Make sure you watch her video above as she took over my YouTube channel for the day!


Janiela recently just turned 20 years old and I remember her saying she wanted to do a photoshoot for her birthday. I remember her posting on Facebook that she was nervous for her photoshoot. On and off Facebook I told her not to be nervous and that I know that she’s going to slay, which she did.  In the photos she looks confident and not at all nervous, which is good. Another thing I picked up and love about this photoshoot is that even though her top is sheer she is showing some skin. To me that speaks volumes that she is comfortable or is learning to be comfortable in your own skin. Not just girls with my body can feel sexy and show skin because Janiela is living proof that you can.img_3847

The outfit Janiela is wearing on the left is before she started her weight loss journey. So if click Look Book you’ll be able to see how she wore this outfit for that blog post to see the difference from the outfit on the right. She has lost a lot of weight and you can really tell. One thing about the picture on the right even though she is fully covered up is that you can see the muscles that she is starting to gain. I know what she wants her body to look like when she gets to where she wants to be and let me tell you she’s going to have you shocked and proud.


This is only her 6 month weight loss journey and overall it’s been really good for her as she’s been dropping sizes in her shirts and in her pants. Her one year anniversary  will be in April of 2017 and she would like to be able to fit into this shirt by then. With all of the support that she’s been getting. I’m pretty sure that she will be able to fit into her challenge shirt and lets all pray on it!


Anther thing I’ve noticed that she’s been saying is that a lot of people are unfollowing her on Facebook because she is posting too much stuff about her weight loss. Just how I’m proud of my blog she’s proud of her current weight loss journey. Even though she may be posting a lot about the journey that she’s on is she is motivating and inspiring people. Thar is a great positive what she’s doing helping herself and helping others.


Even though she lives far away she’s like my long distance bestfriend we just need to talk more. One of the main reasons I asked her to be on my blog is because she is so fashionable which you’ve seen in other blog post. She is a lot like me with the clothes and the makeup and everything. I don’t know why she stopped thinking into modeling, but I think that she should start back. The modeling world is starting to become more diverse in many ways. I hope that she starts having more photoshoots soon!


Janiela mentioned this in the video above that as she’s getting smaller that the clothes are becoming cuter. I’ve actually heard this outside of her on social media. I think the fashion industry needs to broaden their approach to the plus size community. Like I mentioned earlier she looks really cute in that sheer top exposing a little bit of skin. Not only certain garments are made for a certain body shape you can broaden your horizons.


I hope you enjoyed this blog with Janiela. And if you’re doing the same thing as her you took some motivation in what she’s saying. I hope she does well on her journey and continues to inspire others. Follow her on Fcaebook.

Love, Dazhane Fisher





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