Burnt Orange Eye & Lip Makeup

Hello Foster’s,has it been a long week or nah? For me it kinda has been, but I endured it. Today is another short blog post, but I have a video to go anlong with it to make up for my lack of words today! Today’s post is about this Burnt Orange lip color that goes good in the fall time.

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This look can be an everyday look for someone my skin tone with a lighter lip color. One thing I like about this look is that it makes my eyes pop in the natural lighting. The lips are perfect for fall it’s not too dark and not too bright.

One of the things I did while filming this is by using the big window in my bedroom. Natural lighting is the best kind of lighting to use because you can see all the things you might not see using the light bulbs in your bedroom. Also natural lighting is best to film with as you can see it made me look really bright and kind of blinding me, but makes what I’m doing much clearer.

Hope you enjoyed this short little teaser of a blog post. Have a great weekend Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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