Suede Dress: OOTD

It’s the start of the weekend, hope everyone had a great week. Today is a simple, but cute Outfit of the Day. All items except for the choker and earrings came from DD’s Discount. This is one of my outfits to where, it was inexpensive and you can’t tell. I wore this outfit two weeks ago for my dads birthday. Make sure you watch the video above to make sure you can see the outfit and accessories in detail.


Starting from the top, downwards we’re going to talk to about my accessories. You’ve probably seen me in my thousand pair of hoops all through out my blog. I need to invest in more earrings, but not in hoops. The choker is from SheInside Official it’s an online store. I like all their clothing for them. So if you’re interested go check them out.


For this dress I didn’t know how to wear a bra. I didn’t know what type of bra to wear and I don’t like strapless bras. So I just opted to go braless, which you can’t really tell since I have small boobs and not wearing a push up. I got this dress from DD’S Discount for about $11 which is a good price. I love looking at clothing online and have a lot if clothing apps downloaded. On the Styles for Less website I saw this exact same dress for $19. I got the dress for a good price between those two stores. A little bit of a trick, which is probably why I have so many clothing apps on my phone is that you can compare the prices. Most if these online shops sell the same clothing items. While shopping online for what you like, also shop for prices because you never know one might have the same item for a lower price. This is for people who love to shop on a budget, but at the same time comfortable. This dress hugged me in all the right places and it wasn’t skin tight.


I’ve mentioned these shoes about one time on my blog. I honestly have a love, relationship with them. They’re not cut, but not ugly at the same time. I couldn’t find any other kind of shoe to go with this dress, so these were my last resort. I got these in a size 7 which depending on the shoe I have to be careful because of my pinky toe. My pinky toe doesn’t ever want to work in any shoe it just always seems to hurt not matter what shoe I wear. So normally I try and get a 7 1/2 for some room. but if I go to a size 8 the shoe is too big. But these didn’t make the outfit flop.


This is my only big handbag. So you’ve seen it plenty of times on my blog if you’ve been on my blog for awhile. This is honestly my favorite bag. I feel like it’s versatile, dress it up or down. I dress it down in my Daisy Dukes blog post.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Shop responsible when you shop online it can be addicting, but also get it for the best price. I’m one of those shoppers, but I get it for the price I know I can afford. Have a great weekend Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane


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