Random Park: OOTD

We all or maybe just me have to those days were we just throw something on and there you go that’s  what I’m wearing today. That was me for this occasion, but I didn’t exactly go anywhere special. Just to the park to soak up the awesome, beautiful weather. So everything I have on is pretty random and doesn’t exactly match lol.


One of the major things I want to hit on with this is beauty. If you notice in the pictures or the video above, I’m not wearing any makeup at all. I was pretty relaxed and comfortable filming without it. If you can go out the house without makeup then go ahead and do it because it’s pretty refreshing. The pressure of being beautiful is crazy. Beauty comes in all type of forms, and putting a crap ton of makeup on everyday can be too much. Sometime we aren’t comfortable leaving the house without a beat face, but once in awhile it’s ok just to be free. Natural beauty is absolutely ok, but if you want to put makeup on everyday go ahead and do so!!!


Outside of me wearing black all the time, you may think it’s my favorite color, but no it’s PINK. Love, love, love pink. Amway’s I’ve bee into this hats lately, depending if it goes with my outfit or the wind. But hat’s or beanies can be a staple fore some outfits for the fall and winter season. This hat came from Wal-Mart very inexpensive it was like $2. Funny story I literally had my dad drive to Wal – Mart on day before we had to go to an graduation ceremony and was like” I gta get this hat from Wal-Mart or my outfit won’t work”. Not exactly funny, but sometimes a girl can be serious about her outfits.


Braletts have been trending all throughout this summer. Most of the ones I’ve seen have been made with lace material, and for someone like me shows a little bit of skin and tummy a lot I  wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it. Just for the reason that it reminds me of lingerie. This is a cute cut out, cross over bralett it gives an sexy sporty vibe to me. I got it from Styles for Less, which is not really for less their pretty expensive.


The joggers I got from Fallas Pardes a long time ago. These joggers are sometime my winter staple when I don’t feel like really getting ready. These are very cute and comfortable. If you’re chill and relaxed like me I suggest you grab yourself a pair Shoes there is nothing special going on with them. I mentioned them a lot in previous blog post. But these are my absolute favorite sneakers, I get a lot of compliments when I wear them.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. And remember that as long as you know that you’re beautiful then that’s all that matters. Have a great week and enjoy the fall weather if it hit you yet.

Love, Dazhane Fisher



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