College Edition

It’s Friday, the weekend I’m overly excited just because I’m exhausted. So today I have a video to go a long with this blog, which I’ve been doing recently to show you a glimpse of my college life. I didn’t post on Monday because I was really busy writing a response paper in my writing class. For that I wanted to give you little bit of insight into my day and show you what I’m doing on a daily basis.

As some of may know I go to a Community College instead of University. It’s a little bit different then University since everything is more fast paced and you apply by semesters. Which I will be going every fall,winter,spring semester even maybe summer. I do eventually want to transfer to an University, but when thattime comes we’ll see. Another thing is just because you to an Community College doesn’t mean you’re not as smart as people who go to Universities. I feel that way sometimes and I could’ve gone to a Univerity or  year college if I wanted to,but the past year has just been emotionally andmentally draining for me. As long as you have goals and yourmindset is to achieve them,then you should be.

Riding the bus makes me wish I wasn’t lazy and actually try and go get my license. I don’t have a problem riding the city bus, it’s just depending if I make it out of my classes on time to catch the bus. Sometimes it’s actually quiet comforting because it gives me a chance to read a book wile listening to music. I listen to all genres of music I’m a little African American Country girl lol. The book I was reading on the bus was ” Naked in Death”, by J.D. Robb writing as Nora Roberts.  They’re the same person. I’ve never read a book by tis author, and let me tell you I love her. I love me some romancebook since I’m and hopeless romantic,but thriller is my favorite also.If you’re a bookworm like me go check it out. I’m about to get all 35 books in this series.

I’m majoring in Early Childhood Education. My dream is to be a Model, but at the same time that takes a lot of work and people really need to want to work with you. Something else close to my heart is children, even though I’m young a still basically a teen myself. Just being adopted and being in foster care for the early parts of my life I just want to be able tobring kids joy.I know I had a very hard time growing up just being in foster care and being adopted because I know tose aren’t my biological parents. I don’t have the heart to be a social worker and takekids away from their parent to put themin the foster care sytem, because my experience was horrible and just ruined me.So just working with little kids would make me happy and seeing how cheerful they are. One of the main tings I do in these childhood classes are observing children wich requires me to go to a facility and watch them from the back of an classroom.

Me and my  we have daddy daughter dates because he feels that there important.So we have time to talk and bond outside of him dropping me to class and stuff.

The last class I had to go to that day before I cut the video class was my writing class. I had a response paper which he graded already. I’m very crazy about my grades so I got a 20/30 on it which ispretty bad I started crying.I knew that I needed some held when it came to certain things,but I never scored that poorly on an essay.So hopefully I did better on the in class essay we did on Monday. On a positive note I did good on my quiz!!!!

I hoped you enjoyed this blog and got and got a little bit of insight into my day, and how it’s been looking like. Unless I’m not absolutely not swamped with homework and things I’ll make sure I post every Monday and Friday.

Love, Dazhane Fisher



2 thoughts on “College Edition

  1. Love the video, and I think community college is awesome, better in many ways to university, because the education you get is more focused, Same with bus, you are leaving a better carbon footprint! I am sure you would be a great teacher or model, but I think you will feel more rewarded, over time, with teaching.
    xx, Elle

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