Bomber Jacket

It’s fall, fall, fall!!! It’s about time to put those summer clothes away, and pull put some fall clothes. Bring out them warm and neutral colors. It’s time to cover up and get ready for the windy weather to come if it hasn’t come hit you yet. Very excited for this weather because it’s about time I actually cover up , since I’m always showing skin. Well today we’re going to be talking about the Bomber Jacket, which is a very big trend this fall and I think it’s be trending for awhile. Watch the video above to see the look in detail.


One of the hardest things about being a fashion blogger is choosing which pictures to pick. Anyways the Bomber Jacket has been trending everywhere on social media and on other fashion blogger sites like The Elle Diaries . Elle is an awesome blogger and just amazing so go check that blog post  out. Bomber Jackets come in all sorts of color’s, black I think most people wear it in Army Green and Black. This jacket as you can tell is very thin so it’s perfect for the weather right now,as it’s not that windy or cold yet. So maybe I”ll buy one soon online. So if you like these kind of jackets then go ahead and but one. They do come in many colors, and designs.


I honestly just put this outfit together as an introduction to fall, no way did I actually wear this outside. I live in the High Desert in Victoriville, California so it’s pretty hot, but can be cold. You can’t get a good view of my black turtleneck, but it is very cute and one of my favorite turtleneck shirts. As  I mentioned in my other blog posts featuring mock crop tops, is that I like mock tops because they remind me of turtlenecks. I like them so much because I feel like it makes anyone look sophisticated. My sweather covers up the little extra ings going on it my shirt,but once I wear it again I’ll show you it’s true form.



So fall and winter is all about layering, so I’m trying to learn it a little bit without it looking ugly and horrible. This sweater is my absolute favorite. When I was in high school I went to  a uniform school, and everything was very color coordinated, dress code strict, and expensive. They only allowed black, grey, maroon, and white. So my mom brought me about two or three sweaters in this color , so I wore them out and it’s absolutely my favorite. It’s the perfect size, not skin tight, and a little baggy which I like.


Finding a good pair of jeans or pants to fit me is pretty hard. I have such a petite frame that some things just don’t fit me on the lower half of my body. So go in between a size 1 or 3, but   mostly I just buy in a size 3. So these actually fit pretty good a little big baggy, but not that much.I just don’t like how baggy they look paired with my boots. The belt came from another pair of pants but they add some color to tese basic black jeans.


Booties are a fall essential I feel like. Everyone wears them, or has them in their closet. I’m not going to go into detail on these boots for the sake of Mondy’s blog post!


My earrings are from Charlotte Russe. I literally can’t go anywhere without putting a set of hoops in. I have so many hoops, but the all look the same. The glasses are from Wish I was a bit spectacle since I didn’tknow if they would look good on me or fit my face. These are trickyto wearso I’mglad I was able to pull them off.I like theses so much that I’m going to buy the silver pair also.

I hope that you liked this blog post and I hope you enjoyed the video above. Hope this is a great fall season. This is the part of the year where everything seems to go by fast. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, so let’s enjoy it. Anyways hope you have an awesome weekend.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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