Hello Foster’s, I’m back with aniother Guest Feature. Here’s Breanna who I met through my sister.My sister was like ” I think Breanna would go goodon you’re blog she just gets ready just to get ready and anywhere.” So of course I said yes and I’m always looking for new people to be on here so I’m excited. So let’s jump right into these questions.


What is  that you like about fashion? ” Uhm I just love how I can express myself through what I wear and I always dress fro my hairstyle that day.”

Who is a celebrity you look up to? “A celebrity fashion icon I look up too…… I would say Rhianna. I love her style it’s so bold bur it can also be so soft.”


Who is someone around you that inspires you to dress up the way you do? “A person that’s around me that inspires me to dress….uhmm… Not to be cocky, but I would have to say myself. I love to get up early and get dresses just to takepictures. I could be going absolutely nowhere.”

Do you like to dress more dressy or urban/casual? ” I actually like to dress casual I could take something so plain and turn it into something swagg by the way I rock it and the accessories and shoes I wear with it.”

What inspires you when you wake up in the mornings? “First I would have to say God I thank him every morning for letting me see another 24 hours, but music inspires me when I wake up in the  morning it gets my day started.”

What are some goals that you have for yourself that you want to achieve? ” My goals well I have a lot of goals, but my main goals are to keep doing what I’m doing which is nothing but positivity and just work on getting a career started and being very wealthy.”

What is one of your favorite quotes? ” My favorite quote is actually by Marilyn Monroe she’s so iconic I love her ” If you can’t handle me at my worst. You don’t deserve me at my best.”

Do you think about doing hair or makeup professionally? ” I don’t think of doing hair and makeup professionally… tho I do love to do it, but that’s just not something I wanna do it’s a side job.”

How’d you learn how to do hair? ” Nobody actually sat and taught me, but my mom use to wake me up 5am every morning before I go to school and do every style you can think of in my hair.”


What are your favorite pieces of clothing to wear? ” My favorite piece of clothing, well I love to wear my loose shirts with a pair of knee high sandals for the summer, or a pair of leggings with a regular shirt and my Jordan’s with some little hoop earrings. For stepping out to hang out for and hour or two just to get out the house and for the winter I love jogger sweat suits with uggs or a pair of sneakers. And I love purses any cute bag will do as long as it’s a nice size.”

Tell me a little bit about yourself? ” I’m a very shy person at first,but when you get to know me I’m actually very funny and talkative. Ilove to gossip( Not Messy). I’m an Aquarius I think that explains my personality a bit of a cry baby, not a punk but I don’t take no shit. My favorite color is red and I wear a lot of black. My favorite artist at the moment is Dej Loaf. Uhm there’s a lot I can tell about myself, but let’s keep it short.”

Hope you enjoyed this blog post with Breanna. She deleted most of her social media account so if you have a Snapchat add her @breannabaybee8.

Love, Dazhane Fisher



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