Braided Top Knot Bun

It’s Friday Foster’s, thank God. It’s been a very hard week and very tiring for me to say the least. Any way’s  I hardly post in the beauty section here on my blog, so why not do a simple hair tutorial that can be worn casually or in an elegant style.

I use to wear this hairstyle a lot, about a year ago  So I just started back doing this style just to switch my hair style from time to time. I know that it looks like I use a lot of product, but I have very thick and curly hair, so I need to lay my hair down with the products I used. My hair is relaxed, I put a relaxer in my hair about a month ago so it’s not as wild and curly as usual.

One of the main important products I use in my hair are coconut oil and a leaven conditioner. I didn’t use a leave in conditioner today, because I normally use it for my wash and go’s, twist out’s, and braid out’s. The leave in conditioner keeps my hair from not being dry and to add moisture to my hair. The coconut oil helps to heal and prevent getting damaged hair or repair damaged hair. I need to use coconut oil very often since I do have an relaxer in my hair, which I’m pretty sure caused some hair damage. I can’t really stand my natural hair which is why I got a relaxer. Do I regret it??? No  I absolutely don’t it makes it easier for me to manage my hair.

One of the main  two essentials for me to maintain my hair and not have it looking crazy and not combed or brushed, gel and edge control. The main essentials. I use Eco Style Gel which is about the only gel that really holds my hair together and gives me a sleek look. I think mostly everybody swears by this gel in the African American Community, but it may not work for all,  it all depends on you hair type and many factors. Sometimes you just have to try different products to see what works for you. Edge control is used for laying your edges so that they look smooth and not curly and going all over the place. It took me forever to find the perfect edge control my hair would not work for many of them. I finally found one it’s called Arganics Edge Control and it works wonder for my edges. I will be sticking to this one for a long time I’m totally in love with it.

As for the braiding hair that I added into my hair, you should but it from almost any beauty supply. Another thing about this hair is that it is very inexpensive to buy, around $3. There are a lot of colors to choose from, but me being me I choose black to keep it natural. This hair can be used from many things that I’ll talk about as I continue to do hair styles.

Now as you may know summer is officially over time to bring out all the fall clothes and colors. Me finding lipsticks are pretty hard to find, especially for my skin tone. I brought this lip color last week and I wasn’t sure if it was going to look good on me but I brought it anyway. This color is in 534B Mink Brown/Brun Vision, by Wet N Wild. It’s kind of like a burnt orange looking color. This is a perfect lippie for fall and is probably going to turn out to be one of my favorites.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog. Let me know what you think in the comments. I hope everyone had a good week and hope you have a good weekend. Don’t forget to be you and be unique.

Love Dazhane Fisher


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