First Photo Shoot


Happy Labor Day Foster’s, sometimes I’m so busy when it comes to Holiday’s I can’t put up a decent blog post, my apologies. So as some of you may know that I stared back to college and I get to met new people along the way, which is exciting. So sometimes I ride the city bus to campus and a met someone else on the bus who s a photographer and is in school for photography. So we started of a conversation and we kind of just clicked and he was willing to take a couple of photos for me that day which was pretty amazing.


I met him on  Wednesday and on a Friday he asked if he could take some more photos for me. I gladly said yes because, you know I have the big heads and think I’m a model lol. So the photos I’m showing you today are from Friday’s .and I’m happy with them I’ve never had my photos taken professionally. I feel like they capture exactly who and what I am.


I wish that I was more comfortable in front of the camera, but I’m just really shy and that’s how I naturally am. Another thing is that he’s going to use me for his photography portfolio so I don’t have to pay for my photos to be taken which is awesome and can’t wait to see what else comes out with working with Coriano.


Hope that you have a safe Labor Day weekend. Hope you enjoyed this mini blog post. And I can’t wait to share more with you all. Follow Coriano’s Instagram to see some of the photography he does and to catch me on his page at time.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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