Casual Chic OOTD

First blog post starting with the newly added day to the schedule and I’m already loving it. Today is a simple Outfit of the Day, and something I wear on a regular. Now thinking about it I’m glad fall and winter is coming so I can hide all my crop tops away. But this is what I wear usually some jeans, t-shirt, and some jeans. So this is one of my more casual, dressed down outfits I love to wear and is comfortable. Watch the video above to see my outfit in some more detail.


I’ve noticed that I wear a lot of pieces repeatedly, but in different outfits and I think that’s ok it show that I can switch it up. I seem to have to wear black no matter what clothing I’m wearing, I’m pretty obsessed. This shit which I featured in my Having Nothing to Wear blog, is from Y.I.M. Outfitters or V Generation which ever one you want to call it. I like how it’s ribbed knit and a mock top. The mock top which sorta reminds me of a turtle neck just makes everything look more classy to me, and I just love the way look in them especially when it’s in black.


For some reason I can never find a good pair of jeans that fit me. These fit me a little too well. If you watched my Walking + Hooping Vlog , I let you know how hot it was and let me tell you I shouldn’t have walked in those skin tight jeans. It was really hot and I live in the desert, so it wasn’t exactly comfortable that day. The fit was perfect for my body, but next time I’m going to try them on before I buy them, because they were a little bit to tight. And these jeans didn’t do much for my figure I looked really flat in the back butt area.


These cute absolute favorite. When I wear them it’s either with shorts or how I’m wearing them with cuffed jeans. These are absolutely comfortable & I recommend you to get rcodtabkwbshies if you have to walk far or for a long time. And overall they’re just really cute.

If you watch the video you’ll be able to see my purse. This is my everyday day purse, I literally just get up and grab it. It’s just small and convient. I’m a simple girl, but when I dress up, I dress up. Other than that casual all the way. This is my everyday grab & overall I don’t have many to choose from.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the video I provided with it. I hope everyone has a good and safe weekend. And always just stay true to yourself and be you. And stay positive.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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