First Day of College & Updates

Hello Foster’s today’s post is more on a personal level with me. Going to tell you events currently going on in my life and some blog updates. I’m writing this blog currently, as my day progresses on. Kind of what I do when I vlog for my YouTube Channel, but in blogging style. I hope that everybody had a great weekend and will continue to have a good week.

Blog updates,  I’ve actually had this thought in my for a couple of weeks now just couldn’t find the right time to put it out there. So starting this week I’ll be uploading two times a week. I said only Monday’s, but then I find myself bored and wanting to do more with my life. I’m always making sure I take pictures of my outfits so that I can put it on my blog. I look at my title it says Fashion/Lifestyle Blog, but I don’t post that much for lifestyle. So I added Friday into my schedule so that I can alternate between Fashion and Lifestyle, plus I just want you to get to know me on a better level. So make sure if you read my blog on the regular to read on  Monday’s and Friday’s!!!!!

Normally I try and post early just to get it out the way, but I just got home from school it’s 7:32 PM and I’m extremely exhausted lol. So some of you may know that I go to Victor Valley College it’s a community college from a post awhile back. Well today  was my first day back to college and let me tell you I loved it. I had English 50 today I think it’s called Writing Fundamental’s, and let me tell you I’m excited to write my essay’s. I excelled in them in high school. I love the thought of me having to read a book and rite an essay and make sure my thesis statement is true. Some I’m very excited to read some new books and get some writing done.

Another thing with taking this course is that it’ll help me improve with my writing skills. My writing needs some improvement, it’s like once I got out of high school lost all recognition on how to write. So this class will help with my writing, grammar, and punctuation. So it’s good that I can see what I need help on and hopefully with this class I and you will be able to see some improvements along the way.

Unless you know me on a personal level you know that I’m very shy and don’t really speak. Solet me tell you the shock and nervousness I went through when my professor was like ” we’re going to go around the room and let the class know a little bit about yourself and what are you majoring in.” I was low-key hyperventilating I don’t like doing stuff like that, but once he got to me I shook the nerves away sort of . This class is  going to be interactive so I need to get use to it, and it’ll help me get out my shell. Maybe make some new friends.

I uploaded a mini vlog on my YouTube Channel and I don’t have any pictures to go with this blog, so feel free to watch the video above. For some of you who know me excuse the profanity. I’m still the bubbly, cute Dazhane. And I know I seem annoying and rude with my friend in the video, but that’s our relationship lol.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Have an awesome week and I wish you well on your journey to success. Don’t forget blogs every Monday & Friday now!!!

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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