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Happy Monday Foster’s, today I have a Guest Feature on my blog!!!! I haven’t done one in a while so I thought I would introduce you to some one new. I want to welcome Kevonni Mitchell to my blog. I don’t know Miss Kevonni personally, but I know her through social media. Why I picked her to be on my blog???? I noticed on Instagram that she started to post daily photos of her outfit. Everyday or every time she posted a photo her fashion grew on me so I just got captivated. I like to learn from other Fashion Diva’s or Queens sense of style to see how to be more creative with my casual way of dressing. So once I’ve seen how great she could put together an outfit I asked if she could be on the blog and she said yes. So let’s get into some of these questions that I asked her.

The main reason we crossed paths is that I watch Kevonni’s  YouTube Video’s, where she talks about natural hair, fashion, and makeup. If  you go look at her channel you’ll be able see many things that she does regarding her channel. My personal favorites are her look books they’re pretty good and fashionable!!!

Interview Questions:

1.) What made you start a YouTube Channel? ” I always wanted my own show, even when I was a kid. This was my opportunity to make my dream come true.”

2.) What do you like about being a YouTuber? ” I get to share my point of view with the world.”

3.)Do you have any favorite Youtuber’s & why? ” I love Raven Elyse and Jouelzy. Raven is very fashion forward and Jouelzy is my teacher. Raven inspires me in a physical way, and Jouelzy inspires me in a mental way.”

4.)Where did your passion for fashion come from? ” Honestly, I just loved America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway in middle school and high school. I think those shows helped me develop my own sense of style.”

Processed with Rookie Cam
Processed with Rookie Cam

5.) What celebrity fashion icon do you look up to? ” I love Ciara’s style because I think it’s close to my own. Sometimes it’s catwalk, sometimes it’s sidewalk.”

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6.) Is your fashion style more chic or street? ” I would say street, because of the city I live in and my lifestyle, but I definitely wish I could wear high everyday.”

7.) Out of the clothing you put on which part is most interesting to pick out? ” Shirt for sure because I don’t have enough of them. It’s hard finding the right shirt.”


8.) How long have you been natural? “It’d be two years in October”

9.) What are some struggles you face being natural? ” I never know what to do with my hair. It’s been a struggle just learning my hair, and figure out what my hair is like.”

10.) What are some positives being natural? ” My hair is nice and thick. I hated how flat my hair was when I had a perm.”

11.) What are some products you use for your natural hair? “Aloe Vera and any type of oil. I like to use natural products that come from the earth.”

12.) What a some goals that you want to achieve in your life? ” Within the next two years I would like to start my own clothing line, and that’s what I’m working on now.”

13.) What are some quotes that inspire you to get through the day? “Just be patient.” “What is meant for me is for me.” “Faith without works is dead.”

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 Follow Miss Kevonni on Social Media:

Instagram, YouTube, & Tumblr

I want to thank Miss Kevonni for being on my blog and just to share a little bit about herself . I also want to thank her for her patience, because she was suppose to be on here a couple of weeks ago. If you check out her social media link I put above you’ll be able to see more about her fashion and natural hair journey. Thanks for reading the blog this week have an awesome week.

Love, Dazhane Fisher




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