Having Nothing to Wear

IMG_1189It’s Monday you either you love it or either you hate it, anyways happy Monday Foster’s!!! Today’s outfit it about me just picking some random stuff out my closet and putting it on,but somewhat didn’t turn out horrible. I feel like all of us Fashion Divas or Queens have a closet full of clothes and we just say we have nothing to wear. Or we try on dozens of outfits and we’re just not feeling them. I’m pretty sure I ran in one of those categories or just both. Or sometimes we’re just to lazy to put something together, especially since some of us just started school or, are staring soon. Which would be me, but in this case I wasn’t that lazy since I had time to throw some makeup on. Let’s get into this outfit.


In my Daisy Dukes blog post you saw the grey ribbed mock top. I told you that I also picked up a black one like it, well here it is. I also mentioned that I wished I got I size up then a small because it was hard to take it off. Just because I have a very small body or frame doesn’t mean that I can just pick up a small every time it’s good to get a size bigger. Either way I love this black top better than the gray. There are a lot if ways to style this shirt especially since it’s black, and black is a very versatile color to wear. I wore it more casual since it’s more my style. If you have a shirt like this feel free to dress it up anyway to feel like. The shirt was from V Generations.


I know a lot of people don’t like wearing long pants in summer it’s way too hot. I’ve worn long pants and jeans a lot this summer for some reason. Anyways these joggers are very thin, which is helpful in this desert heat live in. I brought these a while ago and hardly wear them because they’re literally my ” I have nothing to wear clothes”. I like them it adds something to that pink color peeking through. If you wanted to you could dress these up with some thick heeled summer booties or a heel of your choice. These are from Fallas Paredes.


Shoes we’re keeping it casual with my trusty old converse. They’re my go to and you really can’t go wrong with them. They’re just a simple black and white. These are the shoes I grab when I can’t come to an decision on shoes to war for the day. I wear these pretty often they kind of just go with everything. These are from Shoe 4 U.


The accessories that I’m wearing are both from Charlotte Russe. The septum nose ring which you’ll be able to see better in the very first picture came from a pack of 6 and they were $6. Sadly I don’t know if you can see the shape clearly from any of the picture but it’s in a very weird V shape which makes it pretty unique to me. I honestly don’t every leave the house without some kind of earrings, so I threw on one of the many pairs of hoops that have and they were also $6.

Not the same picture as above just similar. My chin is more up.


I hope that you enjoyed this blog. And this a little bit of how I look when I claim, I have nothing to wear. But in reality it’s probably much worse. Sometimes us Fashion Divas or Queens have our off days, but maybe some of you don’t. If you leave a  comment let me know what you typically wear on a off day. Have a great week Foster’s see you next Monday.

Love, Dazhane Fisher



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