Confidence In What You’re Wearing


Happy Monday Foster’s, today I want to talk about self-confidence about the outfits that you’re choosing to wear. My inspiration behind this post is that I was at Wal-Mart and saw this beautiful girl wearing a crop top, maxi skirt, & wedges. As I said she looked very pretty, but looked as if she wasn’t comfortable wearing the crop top, she kept covering up her stomach with her arms. Seeing her doing that made me wonder how many of us put clothes on and aren’t comfortable with it once we step out our house into the real world. So I have some inspiring motivational quotes to go along with this blog to make you a little bit more confident.


There are a lot of trends out here and we all want to keep up with them. At the same time we don’t always need to follow everything to the tea in the fashion world. We all have our sense of style, sometimes we tweak certain trends out there to make it our own which is absolutely ok. There are some people who are bullies out there who are going make fun of the clothes that you’re wearing. At the end of the day that’s what you chose to wear so go ahead and wear it. You can’t let someone else’s judgement of your clothing make you cave into a shell and not be you.Like the quote that surrounds fashion ” you make the clothes, the clothes don’t make you.IMG_0985

There is this quote that I’m currently going by and I’ve been putting it everywhere ” Dress Like You’re Already Famous.” Like I’ve said if you’re going to wear something go out the house and wear it like a boss. Even though my fashion is more on the casual side I still wear it with confidence. I take a lot of pictures if I know that my outfit looked good that day. I want to be a model so I’m always practicing my walk as if I’m always in a fashion show. I want everybody to feel that way as if you’re on a runway. You need to wear your outfit  with confidence  you spent the money.


Us fashionistas or divas always love to make an statement with our outfits. I know a lot of fashion bloggers who leave me stunned on how they wear they’re outfits. What makes me more amazed is how they are able to put crazy patterns and prints together and make them look amazing. That’s where I get my inspiration, I stay on the safe side. Sometimes you can tell how a person is by what they wear, but be careful they can switch it up on you real quick. The best thing about people who wear certain clothing that looks like it doesn’t go is that they wear it with confidence even though it may not be appeasing to other people eyes.

`Thanks for reading me this week and I hoped that I somewhat helped with confidence with the clothing you choose to wear. At the end of the day wear what you want. Be comfortable with your body to wear what your body. Be confident every time to walk out the house and werk your outfit. Have an awesome week Foster’s!!!!!

Love, Dazhane Fisher


4 thoughts on “Confidence In What You’re Wearing

  1. I absolutely love seeing people who show their creativity through their fashion and absolutely rock it because they are confident in their style. Confidence is one of the most stylish things you can wear. x

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