Birthday: OOTD



It’s Tuesday Foster’s, and of course I’m back with another blog post I didn’t want to post a lazy written post which is why I posted today instead of yesterday and it won’t happen often. Some of you may know that my birthday was on Friday, July 29th. I want to thank everybody who said “Happy Birthday”. I took way too many pictures so if you watch the video above you’ll be able to see a little bit more. Let’s get into this birthday outfit that I hopefully slayed.


The shirt is an high slit T-Shirt dress from Wish, which is a very affordable site it was like $11.00. This shirt is a little bit tricky to wear since the slit is in the middle, not on the side. I think this gives you a chance to test your styling abilities. The awesome thing about this is that from the back it looks like a dress and bam you look at the front it’s totally different. It’s a really fun shirt to wear.


I’m not going to into much detail about the shorts since I’ve featured them many times before. The creative process for picking a pair of bottoms was not that creative. I basically choose black shorts the same as was shown in the picture that went along with shirt. Just a simple plain black shorts. These shorts are from V Generation. Like I’ve said before even though the shorts are just a simple, plain black color they give off a dressy vibe. You can dress these shorts up or down, they’re very versatile to wear.


The handbag I mentioned in my previous post. It’s from DD’s Discount for $13.00,which is a really good price. Really love cute simple items, so it went perfectly with the hand bag. This was literally the only handbag I actually had that was a bit more dressy then casual. Most of my purses are casual side bags. Even though there is nothing special going on with the bag it still makes an statement to the outfit.


Many of you know that I’m a shoes junkie. This is my first time featuring me in any kind of heels on my blog. I don’t wear them a lot. These are also from DD’s Discount for a very good price I can’t remember right now. I’m a short girl about 5’3, when I put some heels on I feel like I’m on top of the world. You know models are really tall and I don’t meet the height requirement. I truly feel like a true model when I put these on. I just need to wear them more to get use to them. I absolutely love how they made my legs look. They look so beautiful to me.


I did go swimming for my birthday I didn’t get all the way in, I didn’t want to get my hair wet. Even though I didn’t get all the way it still felt good to have some nice cold water against my skin it was burning up hot. The bathing suit is from Walmart. I think that the top and bottoms were about $7.00 a piece which is an good price. There is a good chance I only got it because it was in color pink which I love. It really does look good on my figure. These is absolutely random I never had a tan line that defined before when I took my bathing suit off I was shocked lol.


I want to thank my sister and dad for putting everything together. Even though my brother’s and one of my sisters weren’t there they did all wish me a happy birthday and my gifts are arriving later on this week. I had fun with my niece and nephew though they made everything fun and I love them a lot.



Thanks for reading my blog on this Tuesday, it will rarely happen that I will post on a day other then Monday, but I didn’t want to upload a lazy written article. I hope that you enjoyed this blogpost I enjoyed writing it. I hope that everybody had a good weekend and continue to have a good week.

Love, Dazhane Fisher



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