Daisy Dukes


Happy Monday Foster’s I hope that everybody had a great weekend and will continue to have a great week. I hope that I have a great week, which I know I will since I turn 19 this Friday on July 29th. So I’m getting up there!!!  It was very hard for me to find pictures for this blog for some reason I kept smiling with my eyes closed lol ( hence my first picture). So my posing is basically the same in all my pictures I apologize, lets get into this outfit of mine.


I normally describe my outfit from top to bottom, but not today since I named the title “Daisy Dukes”. This is my second time wearing these shorts, because I brought them the day before The 4th of July I didn’t have an outfit. I brought these from Wal-Mart for $12.00. I didn’t try them on I just grabbed them, so I didn’t realize how short they were. You can see how short they are from this point of view. I like how they’re frayed if that’s what it’s called at the ends. I’m always doing Plain Jane outfits without any detailing so I’m kind of glad about the white daisy flowers on the side of the shorts it just adds some to some basic jean shorts. And another thing these jeans gave no shape to my butt, I was flat as an washboard.


Yes  I wear too many crop tops, but it’s summer and I’m taking full advantage. Needless to say I do have normal shirts. My favorite type of crop tops are the Mock Crop Tops. I like them because they’re similar to a turtle neck, and I think that turtle necks make people sophisticated.  So this top I got from V Generation for about $5.00 I also picked up and black one also. A thing I learned is that even though I have a petite frame I get my tops in a size small, but at the same time I wear push up bras with a lot of padding to make my boobs look better. I would’ve either worn a bra with no padding or got a size up so that I wouldn’t of had problems with taking my shirt off. Side note I wear a 34B which is small and been that size since 8th grade so I’m insecure about them lol.


I hope you’re noticing I’m trying to throw in a variety of shoes at you and not just my converse. Trying to step up my shoe game a little bit. If you look at the second picture you’ll be able to see them from the side view. These kind of look like the Yeezy shoes by Kanye and the Roshes by Nike, but they’re not obviously. These shoes are so comfortable I really like how they feel on my feet. All throughout they’re just pretty cute.


My purse is just a basic black  handbag. I normally wear an small side bag, I’ve never had a big purse before. This purse was $13 at DD’s Discount a good price for a decent hand bag. The gold dangle says LM what that stands for I have no idea.


Here is a selfie from earlier that day. Every time I look at it I’m trying to figure why I have a stank face??? I hope that you enjoyed this outfit and this blog post. Have a great week and I’ll se you next Monday. I hope I have A great birthday on Friday.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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