Summer With A Cause

IMG_0455Hello Foster’s, I apologize for not really writing for you all on the 4th of July it was not even a blog post I hardly wrote. Last Monday I didn’t write at all so I apologize for that also. Today I’m giving you a cute little spunky summer look. Yes we are back with BLACK in summer, but it’s ok as there is a pop of color also. So lets get into this look.


This fashion or makeup print top is from DD’s Discount I’ve always seen it when I go, but could never find it in my size. So I finally found it in my size which is a small. When I first tried it on when I got home it was big on my. I adjusted the strap as far as they would go to fit me more, which thankfully it did. The only part I don’t like is that since I have to adjust it to fit my boob area is that it sticks out in the back. This could be considered a crop top or a bralett which ever you want to call it. I am wearing a bra with this top, even though it looks like it might show some under boob because of the see through mesh going upward I still wear a bra. I do like the stripped mesh because I feel that it adds more dimension to the top. I was at the mall and I seen the skirt that goes to this top,but they didn’t have my size so if I see it again with my size I will go and buy it.


You have seen these shorts before o a different outfit on the blog OOTD:Black & White. As you may know I love wearing high wasted shorts because I think they add curves to my figure. I literally don’t have curves. Not really much to say about these shorts they are pretty plain, they don’t have any pockets. I can say that I love the material they give a silky material. I feel like if you want to dress these shorts up you can. Or you can dress it down to casual which ever works for you.


For the shoes they are some cute casual flats. This could either be a hit or miss with some of you, they probably don’t go. To be honest I’m like I could’ve gone with a different choice of shoe. These shoes are from Payless they had a good deal buy one pair get the pair 15% off. I’m very particular about my shoes and nothing was speaking to me, and I was a friend and got talked into these shoes. So I just wanted to wear theses shoes and break them in. I like that even though they are super simple I like how they cross, across my foot in this elastic material.


I’m slowly getting into jewelry. I’m trying to wear it more. The earrings and nose ring both came from Charlotte Rousse. Everybody hated my other septum ring I guess it was too big for my nose. So I brought a 6 pack and the one I’m wearing is a more subtle version, not much going on and very small. I wear hoops because even when you’re not wearing makeup it adds a little something to your face. Most of you probably seen everybody wearing chocker’s from normal people to celebrities. I absolutely love them and I feel like they look good on me. I feel like everybody should invest in a chocker they are absolutely stunning. I must admit sometimes I do feel like I’m chocking hence “chocker”.

Thank you for continuing to read me every week I appreciate it. I hope that kind of makes up for the last two weeks. Continue to have a great and awesome summer as it is almost over. I’ll see you next week Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


2 thoughts on “Summer With A Cause

    1. Thank you I love the top it is one of my new favorites. If I can get the skirt I’ll do a blog on that! I’m glad you like all my outfits. I appreciate it coming from you because your style and closet is so amazing!!!!


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