OOTD: Happy Camper


Hello Foster’s, sometimes for me it’s hard to figure out to write about the next week. I literally don’t even know what I’m going to write about till Friday. So for todays blog you’ve probably seen these pictures on my Instagram. Today we’re going to talk about happiness and my outfit. So let’s get straight into this post!

Everything I from this outfit is from Dd’s Discount. This is a very affordable place to shop for someone like me who doesn’t have a job and to save money. I’m always wearing tight shirts and crop tops so I switched it up a little bit. This shirt is of a stretchy material and doesn’t stick to my skin. I love that it’s a little free and not constraining like my other shirts. This is probably going to be one of my favorite shirts. These shorts are my go to shorts to when I have nothing to wear. I like how they are a little frayed so that they’re not so plain. These sandals are kind of funny looking, but I like how it’s floral all the way around. A very basic, casual out but cute at the same time.

Many of you know that I struggle with depression so me showing this genuine smile I just know that I’m happy for myself an improvement. It has been a long time since my smile hasn’t been forced. I have no idea what made me happy this particular day, but I’m for it. Some day’s there are days where I don’t know why I’m on Earth I’m just so depressed I don’t know how to deal with it. So I’ll just wanted to let you see how I’m improving a little bit. And even though it was for one day happiness is happiness.

Hope you enjoyed this post Foster’s. I’ll see you next week. I hope that everybody has a great week. I want everybody to be happy and try to stay positive.

Love, Dazhane Fisher



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