OOTD:Black & White

IMAG0471.jpgHello Foster’s, Wishing you all a good week and Happy First Day of SUMMER!!!!! Even though it’s hot as heck it’s my favorite type of weather. Today is going to be a quick blog for you. I took a lot of pictures in some of the same poses, I loved them all so click the slide show at the end of the article to see the rest. LeIMAG0468.jpgLet’s get into this outfit!!!! You guy’s rarely see my natural hair out unless you follow me on SnapChat @dazha_baby . So I’ve decided to wear my hair like this more often. Hopefully in the slideshow I will have a head on shot of my halter top, crop top. The shirt says” You are my sun my moon and all my stars”. This shirt I brought online from Wish. I buy from there all the time, and it’s very affordable. I ordered it in a small, but the back part didn’t really fit it was too loose, which why I kind of have it tied up looking like a bib around my neck. The shorts are very cute and I love the material they’re made out of. I love anything high waisted, I feel like they add curves to my body. I don’t think that these really worked in my favor to add curves, but I still rocked them. I got these from V Generation.

I promise you guys I have tons of shoes just not tennis shoes, or sneakers. Trust and believe,very soon I will be upgrading that category in my closet. Pretty Sure you’re tired of seeing my trusty old Converse, but I love them. My converse go with the whole black and white theme, so it fit perfectly. Many of you fashionistas or divas probably noticed the trend of  buying a 6 piece gold or silver ring set. Well I decided to order me a pair I got this set from RoseWholesale. I absolutely love the rings and I’m not a big fan of jewelry, but I have ordered myself another set just not from the same company. Didn’t like how they handle processing and shipping orders. Sorry I didn’t get any close ups on the rings.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In closing I know that Black isn’t exactly a summer color, but all the clothes were designed for summer. If you have an all black summer style tag me in pictures on my Instagram, I love seeing different styles. And again Hope you have an amazing week enjoy the first day of summer!!!!!  See you next week Foster’s .

Love, Dazhane Fisher


7 thoughts on “OOTD:Black & White

  1. Oh Dazhane,
    there is nothing chicer than all black, especially when you are wearing it. You look like summer just kissed you! and why not!
    xx, Elle


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