Going Forward

Hello Foster’s, it’s Monday so here’s anther blog post for you. We’re halfway into 2016 so I want to talk about how things are going for me going forward. Many of you know about the shooting in Orlando this weekend, I want to pray the injured victims and the family of the deceased. Given the incident that happened I feel like we should live the time we have on this earth to the fullest and try to accomplish our dreams and goals because tomorrow isn’t promised. 2016-06-12.pngMy blog I am so dedicated it. Were it will take me I have no idea. All I know is that I love doing it. I feel like it’s a job and I treat it s if it is. I try a put out content every Monday, but lately I’ve been skipping since half my post go erased a month ago. What makes me love doing this is that it seems to make people happy. Sometimes I can relate to people, and  they give me encouragement to continue you on. The views are continually going up every month which is incredible. Even though they may not comment I have a general view of how many have viewed a certain post. I do it for the people who comment every week. For the people who have seen my growth since I’ve started my blog till now. I want this blog not to just be about my journey, but everybody who engages with it and comments. Going forward I will continue with my blog it brings me happiness.

I go to Community College were I live. School is always good especially when you’re trying to make something of yourself in this world we live in. Personally I didn’t like my experience spring semester at this college, but it feels great just to be doing something. I wanted to be so many things in my life. Everybody who knows me, knows I want to be a model my ultimate dream. Being realistic a lot goes into that, so even though I’m really young I really love kids. So something that would make me happy would be to teach kids.. That’s what I’m going  to school for is to teach. Currently I don’t know if I’m going to continue my studies at this school or transfer t the college my brother is going to.

images.jpgIf you like my Facebook Page or  Twitter you’ve probably seen me mention an online store. Let me tell you it is no where near ready. Why I never set a date is because I don’t even know when it will be ready. I have a lot of research on how to get merchandise and everything. I know for New Years I mentioned I wanted it up in a year or two just so that I wouldn’t put to much pressure on myself. Out of boredom I created the online store with no merchandise. As you can see I’m very dedicated to it, but having problems with getting merchandise. But I’m working on making t-shirts, hoodies, and caps for now till I can get merchandise. So it’s a word and progress.

So this is were I’m currently at in my life. Let me know how your doing in your life right now leave a comment below. I hope that everything is going ok with you guys so far this year as we’re halfway through. Remember to live your life to the fullest. I’m  currently content with where I’m at right now. Hope you enjoyed this blog see you next week Fosters.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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