Yellow Summer Outfits


Hello Foster’s, this Monday I’m going to show you a couple of summer outfits using the color yellow. When I was younger yellow use to be my favorite color, but n not anymore. Yellow is a very bright color. If you’re like me and only wear dark colors yellow will add a pop of color in your wardrobe. Some of these outfits might be put together different then how you would wear them, but I would wear them this way so it’s fine to agree to disagree.

Glam Glam

PhotoGrid_1465159769708This outfit is more on the glamourous side. This is something I would wear to church, tea time, or a wedding. Everything about this outfit is in your face rom the bright yellow dress, white and gold purse and pumps, to the earrings. So I popped in some black sunglasses to offset it. I truly love the dress it’s so simple, but so glamourous. I like how it ties under the bust. The best part is the gold sequins on the collar. I can’t afford the shoes or clutch, but they compliments the dress so well. This really could’ve gon perfect for an Eater outfit.

Fair Girl

PhotoGrid_1465161361559The Fair was recently here where I live a week ago. It’s been super hot, crazy hot I don’t  of shorts, which is whCy I picked these white distressed boyfriend jeans. The yellow ribbed crop top is so simple, so free. To distract from wearing jeans on your bottom half the crop top won’t make you as hot and keep your upper body cooler. As for the shoes they kind of don’t make since with the outfit, but I feel like they add a unique feel to it just because they look like they don’t belong. The purse is just casual so it fits the theme.

Casual Attire

PhotoGrid_1465162152555This outfit is something I would ear on the regular. I use to wear Bermuda shorts all the time when I was younger they were my favorites. I like how the yellow isn’t as bright it’s kind of a pale yellow. Even though its not bright it’s still in your face, because every other ounce of clothing is black. Now that the shorts have some length to them. I like look how the halter crop top compliments them. I like how it’s a fun flirty- tom boyish. You already know I love me some converse so I chose all black low top ones. The handbag maybe a bit much for this casual outfit so you can opt for something smaller and casual.

Summer Beach Wear

PhotoGrid_1465162811294.jpgFinding an outfit for swim wear was difficult so I tried the best I could. I normally wouldn’t wear a strapless bathing suit, just like I don’t wear strapless bra’s not comfortable enough. This one piece, strapless yellow bathing suit is so pretty especially with the bow in the middle. It reminds me of older styled bathing suits. You can wear sandals with this instead of wedges, but I know some of us like to dress it up. The jewelry is literally beach attire. The necklace is perfectly beach themed. The anklet is so simple, but it can make a statement.

Hope you enjoyed the blog this week. Let me know which outfit you like best in the comments. Some outfits may not appeal to your eyes, but just remember it’s your own style. You don’t have to wear it exactly how it’s shown put your own spin on it. See you next week Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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