Terhia Ortiz

PhotoGrid_1449198948416Happy Monday Foster’s, I’m so happy to do this blog this week. Today is a Guest Feature on someone special to me Terhia Ortiz, some of you may know her as ” Lady O Tv”. I’ve known Terhia for over a year now, and she’s been supportive every step of the way since I’ve known her. We’ve had great conversations, and she’s been very motivational to me. She understands that I want to be a model, and sends me stuff for auditions. For someone I’ve never met, and hopefully will since we’re both Cali girl’s, she really cares for me. When I first started my blog she was my first comment, and it helped me to keep going. She is very nice, motivational, caring, loving, and all throughout just a good person. So lets get started on this blog so you can know a little bit more about her.

” My name is Terhia Ortiz, and I am from Sunny Southern California. I am 30yrs old, wife, and mother of two. When I was 19yrs old I married my middle school sweetheart J. Best decision of my life being a chefs wife, and now that our family is complete the kids are both in school and Daddy is at work mommy decided to embark on her own journey, and find something that interest her.. lol so after telling my husband that I would love to learn how to do my own makeup, suggested that I try YouTube and see if that could help me with a lot of my questions. He was right thus far it has been the best experience ever. I started my own channel discussing hair growth products, clothing reviews, and makeup hauls. Being on camera was, and is very different for me especially since I’m not used to putting myself on any kind of camera, but once I started YouTube most o my fears have started to dissipate and I am embracing ME for all of my attributes good and bad, large and small…LOL.”

Interview Questions

1.) What made you start your YouTube channel? ” I wanted to learn how to do my own makeup so my husband suggested that I check out YouTube.”

2.) When you first started YouTube where was your confidence level? ” When I first started my confidence level was to myself all the things I know and knew how to do I kept to myself, but now since I have been on YouTube it is through the roof… Girrrlll I think I’m the hottest thing alive.”

3.) I noticed when you started doing videos you were a beginner. So what is the difference you’ve noticed from then and now? ” My confidence has boosted, made new friends and built awesome relationships with people from all over the world. I’m better at makeup and will be doing my first wedding next year. I’m really excited about all the new ventures that opened up for me since starting YouTube.”

4.) What made you get into beauty and makeup in the first place? ” I have been interested in doing makeup for along time. June 2015 is when I first dabbled in makeup I id my own makeup video and I ft. it on my channel Full Face Routine using BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 80’s Palette.”

5.) What do you like about being a YouTuber? “Everything from the positive and negative feedback to the negative feedback, the endless opportunities that have been offered to me and the new relationships that I have built along this wonderful journey. Being able to be myself and do what I want with no lash back is the greatest feeling ever. All of my experiences with YouTube have been great so far I work with a company called BBTV ( Broad Brand TV) and I have gotten excellent opportunities and nd met wonderful people. It’s still a little scary to put myself out there to the world in my videos, but I figure once it’s on the ” INTERNET THERE’SNO REMOVING IT” LOL.”

Some of my Favorite YouTubers

*Nitraa B, *Nalia Rose, * Winifred Harry,* Slimchelle, * Uniquely Dazhane

6.) Do you have a favorite type of style chic or street? “No, I just wear what makes me comfortable.”

7.) You seem to love shoes so what are your favorite to wear? “My favorite pair of shoes are all of the one that I purchased from Lola Shotique …lol.. but if I had to narrow it down and just choose, I would pick my Alba Nude Spiked Heels. To learn more about my favorite shoes or this fascinating shoe company located in Cali check out my shoe collection on my channel. Shoe Collection Video.”


PhotoGrid_14639305071868.) What got you to start making wigs? ” I got tired of paying hundreds of dollars to get a new sew in, so I said let me check out YouTube and after a few videos I made my first U-Part Wig.”


9.) Do you plan on making wigs and selling them? ” Eventually I do, but I’m still working on my website.”

10.) Tell me more about the hair you sell in your store? ” I was getting a lot of family, friends, and clients asking me where to buy hair from, so I decided to sell hair myself, finally I made it happen!!!! Glam Girlz Corner  is my online hair store where you can purchase 100% Virgin Human Hair at a great price. All bundles range from 6A-8A, start at $64, all are backed with a 30 day quality guarantee with free shipping.”

11.) What is it like to have a chef as a husband? ” It is awesome, my husband to me is the best cook ever. Sometimes it can be challenging  just to s like sandwiches and breakfast…lol.. a typical sandwich in our home is like eating at subway and a normal t is like eating a IHOP. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE IT, but sometimes I don’t want to wait I just want cheese, meat, bread, and miracle whip.. LOL.”

12.) What does family mean to you? ” THE WORLD!!!”



13.) Since Mother’s Day was a couple weeks ago how do you feel about being a mother? ” I enjoy being a mother I think out of all jobs that I worked being a MOTHER/PARENT is the best one ever. I get to teach someone else how to be just like me if not even better, and deter them from making some of the mistakes me and their father did when we were younger…. Blessings.”

14.) Since starting blogging how has it made you feel? ” I think right now it hasn’t hit me yet because I just blog about surface thins like makeup and beauty, but I think once I start digging deeper or talking about topics that spark conversation I will feel some type of way. So far, so good right NOW!!!”


To find out more about Terhia Follow Her:

” I love being on social media, taking pictures of my family, making ( watching YouTube videos,and hanging out with family.)






Business Email- ladiOtv@gmail.com

I hoped that you enjoyed this blog with Terhia Ortiz, and got to know a little bit more about her. She is a very nice caring person when you get to know her. As you can see she is smart, nice, caring, a business women, mother, and wife. All those things make her into what an awesome person she is today. I continue to wish her the best in everything she does. From the bottom of my heart I can’t see myself not respecting someone who cares for me the way she does. I will continue to keep in in my life just a really positive and motivational person to know. I want to thank her for being on the blog I really appreciate it and the other things that she does for me. See you next week Foster’s.

Love, Dazhane Fisher


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  1. Ladies I loved this collaboration so great.Hun wow you have grown as a blogger for sure and Terhia darling wishing you success in all your ventures and I loved how well you answered each questions…. Loved the pictures also you have a beautiful family

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